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Your Life is Your Party’

As luck would have it, I unwittingly became the originator of the idea - 'Your life is your party'

I have worked with hundreds of people. Every single one of them has taught me that all the internal chaos arises out of disengaged family life right from the early days. People engage with each other superficially which leaves them without foundations for a simple and profound life.


The way humans live their lives showcases an inherent lack of intelligence, insight and any sense of fun. People seem to pass their time rather than live lives that they crave


The fundamental flaw of humanity lies in how we live within the four walls of our homes.


 Family members are disengaged, mentally distanced, emotionally unsure, and cold with each other, hence everyone ends up as protective, self-wrapped, entitled and correctional. People are in deep pain of not being truly seen or heard. This pain is passed down to the newborn and becomes the blueprint of their lives too. No one is truly present. Everyone is hiding behind emotional burdens lumped on them by other unhappy individuals. This is low consciousness riddled with lack and real disconnect and people structure their entire lives trying to compensate for that.



 This vicious dynamic is the mother of all personal and collective evil and sorrow. People are dismally unhappy in their homes therefore our world is entrenched in deep unhappiness, fear, lack, hate, mine-thine, greed, competition, tyranny, apathy, violence and war.

The world is an extension of how people live in their homes. It reflects all aspects of the emotional and spiritual crisis of the family.


What can therapy, meditation, spirituality, self-growth do? Hundreds of millions are engaged in the spiritual circus, one way or the other, yet the world is getting more chaotic, fearful, oppressed and dumber.


The family Must come right. A family with a united mind naturally draws in prosperity and greater good for all. Love, laughter, fun, good food, togetherness, support, understanding, and right guidance are shadows of united minds.

Peace, harmony and synergy of united minds must materialize within every family. Spiritual seeking in the absence of that is a distraction from oneself. It results in the pretentious spirituality of modern times. Building castles in shifting sands...The foundations must be laid.


My whole work seems to have shifted to laying foundations. Shining awareness to shape empowered, self-aware parents who can deeply engage with each other and can unite in giving love, care, guidance and support to their children. The children are launched into life knowing themselves, settled in deepest personal values following their Dharma, rather than wasting themselves following everyone else. The mother becomes the Mother-Godess of the family. She unites the fragmented minds, glues each other with bonds of love and settledness, and nurtures them with love, good food, and a sense of fun...there is so much creativity in being selflessly engaged with her family that she is quenched to her very core. She no longer has a hole to fill with spiritual fakery. Your Ordinary day-to-day life starts to feel like the party God organised for you to enjoy.


You must first know that it is a party and then be ready to enjoy your party. The more you enjoy, the more fun it becomes.


 It's living how the Intelligence intends you to live. we are here to live our lives. That is the game What else? I often get the image of God watching over people patiently and keenly just how much they can let themselves enjoy the party thrown in their honour. ….infinite patient for us to suss the game.

If you can just engage with your life, you find your rightful place in the scheme of divine order, which liberates you



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