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Get out of the Mind-Maze!

Ether is replete with so called spiritual stuff. YouTube is full of videos on tips about mind, psychology, insights into mind, inspirational quotes to find inner peace…..that’s precisely the reason, people are getting further from peace!

Modern human is full of mind-din!

People have too much time on hands and huge inclination to self indulge in mind bollocks. That’s what is causing people suffering. Too much info, too little creativity, too little real time engagement with people in your family. What is a mother, a wife, a husband doing online for hours? How many hours in a day they have??

Life is short and everyone is dispensing their half baked version of (mostly pinched from other videos) precious spiritual, emotional and mental insights online. If so much wisdom is about, how come millions of young men and women are not coping well with life? Suicide rate is gone through the roof. What the hell! How come families are glued to screen, hiding from each other and real life. So much spiritual, metaphysical, psychological crap about, it’s done your head in.

Too much fake and not enough real. It is having a real effect on people. People have become riveted to their online persona, the real is shrivelling up. Go Ona holiday let everyone know…eat out, share the big news with your online friends. Let the real people in your life go to hell!

So much din about mental health…so much crappy information! No real engagement within the family

You are here to live your life. You influence nothing, not even your own thoughts…so chill! Take break from screen, make a cup of tea for a loved one, huddle together, hang out. There is nothing more important than that.

And that cures your obsession with issues that you suffer from.

Get the hell out of your mind-maze. Everyone these days knows more stuff about mind, brain, reality than Freud did. You are being attuned to indulge in your mind-noise. Too much information and half baked at that is doing you more harm than good. It takes you away from you.

Humans are suffering more today, despite the improved living conditions-because they are becoming progressively more self wrapped and indulge your chatterbox mind. Internet has made people more informed, self wrapped, phoney and more disconnected than ever before.

Get the hell of your mind bollocks and you will be instantly fine. Do something real, cook, clean, laugh, roll around in mud( if you have to), do something real. but get out of that mad house mind of yours

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