Life Mentoring

The sessions are transformative in nature. The guidance  perspective that is beyond learnt mind. It is shining of awareness that  clears out  sneaky obstacles of the stuck, and stale energy of ideas, beliefs, concepts, mind- projections that  you have inherited in genes and from society. It paves way for a new fresh and lighter way to carry yourself through life.

The energetic transmission, connects you to your life so that you naturally and effortlessly start engaging with your life fully. and as a result, your life starts  yielding to you. Fun creeps in, laughter creeps in. You will be able to access inner clarity to the point that you don't need to seek, read books, self-heal, meditate, work on imbibing spiritual qualities, any longer.

You become fresh and direct, uncluttered and spacious.

The essence of my being settles you down in your own life situation, circumstance and being,

My presence settles you down, simplifies your life and crystallizes you, so you have energy and clarity to live and enjoy your life. Your life transforms

 An individual session becomes life coaching when you decide to gain from me over a certain length of time, maybe several weeks or even months and you find that it works better than anything and everything else you tried to heal yourself to become happy and peaceful.

Your inner intelligence that has been suppressed by a very dull society, starts to shine, causing new opportunities and possibilities of greater peace and contentment.


  • Body, mind, emotions start to heal

  • Life starts to simplify. Heart opens

  • A palpable effortlessness in life

  • Effortless letting go, surrender

  • Present moment takes hold

  • Relationships become harmonious

  • Greater ease with money

  • Trauma within DNA, old patterns of the family let go​

  • Clarity, greater awareness and inner-connected​​

  • Greater pull towards the true centre​

  • Ordinary life starts to fulfil you

  • You start to feel Easier in your skin.

  • Great questions, issues, obstinate problems start to fall away

  • Sense of lack falls away. You feel enough

  • A tangible sense of moving forward