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Online events are great opportunities for a thorough and deep cleansing of consciousness. As we interact a mighty process of shifting and purification of consciousness begins. These events run for several consecutive weeks so your conditioned mind can keep up with the mega shifts. Your mind modifies, adapts and relearns within the new consciousness. It unlearns a gazillion of things too. This maturing of mind bit takes real time. We give ourselves the luxury of time and space so the conditioned mind can keep up with the changing

Online events are God-sent for ease and they are fun.

Here, we love both ease and fun!

Online events in progress

21-week Satsang

1 hour weekly

21 week women's Satsang

1 hour weekly

The world is in such a state because women have been subtly coerced to forget their Dharma and act like men. The essence of the woman has weakened. That has hurt the whole society, even humanity. I run this purely because if I can guide a woman to her dharma, her whole clan will follow her. In that way, she assumes her rightful place as the devi, who can nurture, love and protect humanity. The woman is the way out of this societal mess.

Purging the Consciousness

5-week intensive

1 hour weekly

Unless the abysmally low consciousness of humanity is caused to purge, the personal and collective reality of humans is bound to get more gunky and unbearable. The oppression, tyranny, control, lack and all kinds of dysfunctionality in this world are due to the ignorance of the Self. It cannot be cleared out there. It can only be cleared deep within your own consciousness.



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