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Its Not two, not two, not two

Come Home to One

5 days Retreat is a Vacation Satsang

It is Satsang because you are with me, and it's a vacation because it is a time off from your day-to-day life on auto-pilot and, it is jolly and fun. Vacation also because it is idyllic, beautiful countryside far from the civilised world.

This is an initiation into ease and flow, spontaneous heart-connection and a movement towards your Real self.


Almost all past attendees have told me that being with me is not for the faint of heart. I am a dangerous friend.

While your being is irresistibly drawn to me, your false identity can feel terrified. However, you will find that fire only burns the impurities, never pure Gold.

When You and I meet, sheer magic happens. That magic is Satsang

It is nothing like a spiritual retreat!

There is no mention of meditation, contemplation, breathing, yoga, kirtan or anything remotely spiritual.  Being with me in a state of open and receptive heart, you become aware of the construct of the conditioned mind created by the hypnotic suggestion right from the moment of birth.  It starts to crack. You essentially come to unlearn the familiar and learn the unfamiliar.

The pain, tears, sorrow resistance usually arise like a Tsunami, coaxing you to fully engage with what is running your life from the basement.

By the third day, the raging storms pass, if you haven't run away already!

You start getting into the swing as your heart opens, and you start enjoying the joyride. By the time you leave, you feel differently than ever before-a light and unburdened, almost empty of spiritual concepts, personal understandings, experiences, and all the self-wrapped, heady stuff.

There is no teaching; it's only my presence. There is no 'my' presence but pure presence. Those who can have a heart connection with me feel that it is a beautiful joyride from the start. We cook, eat, laugh, lounge around, watch films or whatever else wants to happen while meltdowns, tears, energetic shifts, and deep releases keep finding space and time to occur.

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Know Thyself

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Satsang changes the basics of how you live your life, how you think and relate to people

within your family. Satsang is without exception an Earth-shattering happening. 

Satsang Venue idyllic and divine
Know yourself, all answers are there
Beyond seeking
Vorlan, Buddhafield

''5 days of satsang vacation with Divine Grace at Vorlan rock!!!!! Expect the unexpected and watch it all just HAPPEN. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!''- Alice P

5-Day Retreat August/September 2022

Joint testimony of  Anna, Emily, Debbie and Ceri, penned down by Debbie

Going on a retreat to Ruby's is like NO OTHER RETREAT!!

There's no meditiaion, no sitting in silence, no rituals, special practices or formalities

Transformation happens while chatting, eating Ruby's delicious homecooked food,dancing, singing, walking in the beautiful relaxed countryside, picking veggies from the garden, watching films and generally having fun!

Ruby is the Mother of All Mothers. If you've heard the saying

“ spare the rod, spoil the child”

Well, Ruby's rod is made of the most beautiful velvet but whilst it delivers a firm and direct message, it showers you with the most beautiful heartfelt love.

Not for the faint-hearted for sure !! only because we have never known anything like it.

Ruby has a totally unique approach to support us in resolving our problems.

It's not to FIX us but to INFECT us with pure DIVINE LOVE, as our focus becomes centred in DEVOTION and LOVE rather than our problems. This is the GURU approach.

Those of us who have dived into the expanse of DIVINE PURE LOVE are re-learning how to approach life differently and feeling happier in doing so.

In ourselves, we do nothing but receive the transmission. It is effortless!

We all agree that one thing is happening to us. Our problems and negative beliefs are falling away in return for deepening love and devotion to ourselves and our God.

Ruby is a living embodiment of what she teaches. She lives her Dharma as a wife and a mother, loving and serving her family. She has boundless energy and appears to live a life that is both humble and rich.

It is an honour to be welcomed into her home by her entire family and to experience a genuine atmosphere of service and love.

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