Before self-realization in 2010, my life was an expression of deep pining. A spiritually enriched upbringing in India ignited and fueled my seeking, which turned into intense pining that neither let me live nor die.

Born a Sikh, I inherited the great Sikh tradition of being fully engaged in domestic life and immersed in God's remembrance. The heart of a lion and the head of a saint- is the Sikh way. This energetic imprint in my DNA transpired devotion, surrender and being fearlessly steadfast on my path.

My early teachings were of Sikh sacred text that inspired copious tears of devotion. The treasure of profound teachings shaped my outlook, and the ocean of wisdom of Sikh and Hindu traditions guided me on my course. 

India’s approach to spiritual matters is to seek company or mere darshan of someone immersed in God instead of intellectualizing spiritual concepts such as free will, compassion, love, consciousness etc. 

The primary focus is sadhana, self, guru, devotion, remembrance and Satsang. The way Indians approach spiritual journey is by sharing stories of saints, or mention of Guru's Leela or remembrance of divine qualities of God, collectively or in close circles. So I had all that in big measures.

I practised mantra-sadhana from childhood. It's fairly common for many to have a favourite mantra that keeps doing rounds internally. 

Osho arrived on the scene and moved me on to meditations. It was the most palpable step forward for me. After that, grace became a tangible part of life.  I got married, had two sons and around this time, things started to fall away with speed and urgency.


A living guru came along. She was a hard master on the exterior, and being with her was challenging and fruitful in equal measure. Her presence was fierce, yet her grace was magnificent. Her grace burnt away most of the conditioned mind. Without her, I will be probably still searching...

Finally, with the grace of my final guru, Ed Muzika, a student of the revered, modern-day saint, Robert Adams, the conditioned mind bit the dust.


Life without the filter of a conditioned mind lies beyond the capacity of words and expression we have in any language. 

Let’s say; It's fun, light, simple, ordinary, flowing effortlessly moment to moment, without any commentary of the conditioned mind.


In this way of life, there is no path, no practice, no teaching, no destination, no past, no future. Instead, life is lived in direct response to the trickling movement of the present moment. 

This present moment is the new master. I move as the moment moves me, even if it contradicts what I did in the last moment. 


I am a mother at heart. I love cooking, feeding, and nurturing people. I can play in the soil for hours a day. I play the gardener, a herb woman (verbal tradition of Ayurveda), a homemaker. I love transforming families into a haven of love and harmony. Better than that, I love igniting the love and the remembrance of God in hearts


I simplify the lives of those who draw close to me. A heart full of devotion, tears, madness, wild laughter and freedom is infectious. The transmission carries the essence of effortless ease, devotion, liberation, radical sincerity and heart madness.


  • Body, mind, emotions start to heal

  • Heart opens

  • Life starts being effortless

  • Effortless letting go happens

  • Present moment takes hold

  • Relationships heal

  • Greater flow with money

  • DNA heals, old patterns of family let go​

  • Greater trust in life and yourself

  • Greater awareness and inner-connected​​

  • Greater pull towards the true centre​

  • Ordinary life starts to fulfil you

  • You start to feel Easier in your skin.

  • Questions, issues, obstinate problems start to fall away

  • Sense of lack falls away.

  • You feel enough

  • Life simplifies, becomes more fun and joyous

  • A tangible sense of moving forward

Robert Adams

Robert Adams

Dr Vishwamitra Ji

Dr Vishwamitra Ji



Neem Karoli Maharaj

Neem Karoli Maharaj



Edward Muzika

Edward Muzika

Guru Ji

Guru Ji