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Sincere Seekers
From somebody to a nobody...

First, who is a sincere seeker?

There are seekers and seekers. Most new-age, modern-day Western seeking is all about self-development. It is a quest to become more happy, powerful, peaceful, inner connected and help others do the same. It is other-oriented seeking. It arises out of the collective suggestion. Everyone is engaged in some inner work, be it mantras, reiki, self-healing, healing others, crystals, mind therapies, special lifestyles, mindfulness, meditations...the list is endless. It is other-based seeking. The urge is not intrinsic and immediate. It is just something that takes your fancy because it is a fad of the times. The collective is delving into spiritual concepts like never before. The Internet has brought knowledge to one and all. It is a warped seeking of personal glory, a certain specialness and being able to help others.

For most, it's about getting a bigger (expanded consciousness) spectacular shiny frame to bedazzle the beholder with their special frame!

True seeking is, however, an utter deconstruct of a personal frame. It is a movement into radical simplicity as a result of radical receptivity

It is an urge to merge into the whole.

No separation, not two, Only ONE. No specialness,


Pure seeking is a longing arising in the deepest of your cells It is intrinsic, intimate, and intensely private happening. It is independent of others and is done quietly and away from the gaze of others. The core of you is so magnificently immediate that unless you become utterly naked, available and settled, it seldom reveals itself. If there is a shred of pretension, you will miss it by a mile. It is you looking for you but for your own pleasure, not for gaining glory in the form of appreciation, accolades or power or any specialness in the eyes of others. When the seeking is pure, the other is absent.


How to find out if you are a sincere seeker?

Well, Does the paragraph above speaks to you?

You can also ask yourself if you want to be somebody or a nobody.

That enquiry will yield a significant revelation about your search. Generally speaking, everyone wants to be somebody. Move on.


You will be drawn to me if you want to be a nobody instead of somebody. Your heart will be ready to receive me, and you will be keen to let me hold your hand unit I completely blow out the perception of duality. Going beyond the illusion of separation is not for the faint of heart. To be with a living Buddha is the most challenging choice on the face of the planet. However,  It is a pathless path. It is easy and fun when there is a heart relationship between you and me. The heart relation is the key- close enough and long enough that one candle lights another.

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