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Weekly Satsang

An unfolding from a somebody to a nobody

The most unconscious aspect of a spiritual journey is that people are not sure of what and how to seek. The lack of clarity and true direction causes more angst than not seeking at all. So spiritual seekers suffer emotional pangs that others don't. That is because your seeking must first purify. The seeking is purified by the reception of grace. When seeking is purified, the finding is a natural happening.
You are here to know yourself. There is nothing else going on except your SELF. The God you seek is contained within you, the life you seek is also arising within you. The only question is Are you ready for you? This Satsang is a preparation for you to come back home to you. That is the most basic thing about being human.

If you are ready for you then this Satsang is for you.
You have an innate knowledge of what kind of life you should be living, It is just buried so deep in your system, that you need someone to remind you what you truly desire. I remind you of that desire, clear it, polish it and prepare you to honour, your yearning and yourself,  so you could live the way you were designed to.

Exposing and clearing the long-buried stagnation of unconscious patterns of separation and suffering.
Unlearning arrogance, smugness, and disconnect.
Instilling true gratitude, devotion, and Bhakti in your very cells.
Satsang is traditionally a group dynamic. and it works to the maximum benefit of each participant.
Reception is the key, open heart is the key and those things happen by grace.
Jumping back into the pure waters of the mighty river of life and revelling in your rightful place in the Divine order.
Join me for 1 hour a week for 21 weeks and make real progress worth more than decades of spiritual practice.
It is surprising what happens in an hour's interaction. It changes your life.
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