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5 week Intensive

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Online retreats with Ruby-An opportunity to receive blessings and move forward. These retreats are a giant step towards radical simplicity and an unburdened life.

Online retreats are 5 weekly calls over Zoom and online pointings. It is a deep clean of your inner climate.  These group meetings prepare your inner space to receive new seeds that enhance and fulfil your life. It is Interactive and fun.

I am deeply interested in each and every aspect of your life.  The energetic transmission shines the light of awareness into each nook and cranny, clearing inertia in all aspects of your life. You may even suggest a specific area that needs flow-such as health, being prosperous, being good enough, addictive mind and suchlike

The next 5 week Satsang ''Purging the Consciousness''  starts on the 5 May 2023

This work with me raises your game. purge the consciousness that holds fear It is the entire spectrum coverage of fear of personal nature all the way to collective ones of corporate control, wars, shortages of water, food, health, the future of humanity, and conspiracy theories. The mind that harbours problems can never find solutions.

We will make a shift from problem-consciousness to solution-consciousness. It ushers in a new way of being, that is in alignment with the flow of life rather than fighting against it.

What to expect?

You will experience tangible shifts that as in feeling more settled, calmer, less fearful of collective and personal tragedy, lesser heady and drawing closer to your inner world of thoughts, emotions, perceptions and much more. Its just easier to experience it

Time-Usually in the evening

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