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Couples healing

This one brings me the most joy. I love to bring families together!

Whether there are two in a family or 8, there must be love, support, respect and laughter and plenty of food flowing.


The family dynamic is the most important component in your personal growth as a householder as well as a spiritual seeker

Couples often find a new level of intimacy, a greater sense of harmony and deeper synergy.

If the relationship is rocky, but there is a desire to transform it and you have a receptive heart, then it is bound to come right.

The conditioned patterns of selfishness, mine-thine, power struggle, and agendas of self-wrapped mind start to dissolve

The energy of this transmission is very homey and family-oriented. Your relationships must come right for life to yield to you all her grace, joy and bounty.


The transmission imparts nurturing, caring and selfless energy that naturally restores the gentle balance of giving and receiving love, attention, support, time and also space and freedom to each other.

 When both partners in a relationship have that energy vibrating in their cells, their personal world becomes heaven on Earth. 


Relationship with yourself, with your immediate world, is brought back into balance, which allows you to feel your strength and warmth for people around you


This is a must-have so your family may know and feel the depth of love, warmth, and respect that can flow in the 4 walls of your house. A home transforms into a haven of harmony and contentment built on strong love and deepest care for each other

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