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My Approach


One who has realized God within teaches the simple and direct way of attaining Him.

The possibilities of our meeting are immense. I don't give you any tricks, techniques, know-how, do's, don'ts, mantras or rituals. I never focus on specific areas to clear such as ancestral, DNA or childhood trauma. Yet, it all clears very naturally and organically by the sheer transformation of your consciousness. The change strikes at the very core of you.

I am Home. My approach naturally reflects the living peace within.

As you rub against me, so to speak, your energy starts to purify. You will find that all that is foreign, borrowed and conditioned starts to fall away. You settle down a little more each day.

You only have to be receptive. It is an energetic transmission that lights the flame of your true essence. I love igniting your innate intelligence, so you can also live with abandon.

I speak and you receive. As we interact, change happens at the very core of you. It's usually a casual yet profoundly transformative interaction.

I may use breath, touch or just my gaze or silence to move energy and ignite your awareness

Meeting me or being in my presence helps you to put your past behind you.

This meeting severs the emotional mental, psychological investment into issues. 

I never need to rake your past. I don't do issues. I seldom analyse. Yet when I am in your presence, your obstacles show up and I clear them.  I talk, shine awareness and expose the entire energetic fabric of your burdens.  It comes undone. The energy moves and releases from the very cells of your body, and also from your very memory.  As your unburden you begin to remember your past differently.  Your  future is put on a different course too. It's the start of a new life


My approach is radically different from self-help, therapy, self-growth and healings, counsellings etc. The transmission causes natural and effortless falling away of concepts, beliefs, attitudes, patterns, mental and energetic habits. I get many new-age seekers,  therapists and healers who have spent years on self-work, without reaping practical benefits. I have a very practical approach to peace and happiness  I just don't have the patience or inclination to entertain spiritual concepts. The  sooner you get off your spiritual high-horse, the quicker you progress with me

I do not have one set teaching. I am a direct response to your energy. I speak to the very core of you and shine awareness that transmutes the energy of bondage and dysfunctionality.


People find that being with me simplifies and makes their lives full and complete.

My  journey has been intense yet fun and effortless and full of grace that's what starts to happen to those who work with me

I put you on the path of effortless grace which is the natural dharma of life

Life is living me. Life plays and I revel in it. The simplest and the most meaningless of things bring me joy, I am easily pleased. Ordinary life does it for me. I can play with soil all-day-everyday. I grow flowers, veggies, gather kindling, chop wood. I move, when life moves me.  If She doesn't, I sit and stare. It is a simple life.


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