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Way out of the hell hole...

What's wrong with the world?

It's a sick world simply because the consciousness is sick, stuck in problem-consciousness

All that is wrong with it is that it happens to be a true reflection of the human mind.

It reflects all the sickness and delusion of the human mind. There is nothing wrong with the world other than what it reflects.

The world, our social structures and dynamics of our world reflect the deep ignorance that the human mind is drowned in. The entire spectrum of our personal and collective reality emanates from ignorance of the mind. Both 'evil' and the 'good' arise from that deep ignorance.

Never in the history of mankind, such a large number of people have been aspiring social reformers. Everyone on Facebook is trying to improve the world, in their way, mostly by bickering with each other. Then some are doing collective mantras, prayers, healings...then some are offering it to individuals....and happens what? Not much. Nothing.

The consciousness is not life-friendly. Consequently, all aspects of our personal and collective lives are anti-life.

Family is the most basic of human structures. Mostly of blood relations. Just how many families are functioning with love, care, devotion mutual respect and freedom? All human problems, complexities, and fears, are rooted in the family. There is so little practical love, freedom and true engagement within the family. Family is wrong, everything else is bound to be wrong

Education sucks! 90% of What we teach our children is practically useless. We don't teach energy, emotions, body, joy, inner discipline, heart connection, personal responsibility, integrity. We can't because we are devoid of all that we only know the empty words. People energetically transmit ambition, mine-thine, competition, and lust for power, fame, and money because that's what people truly vibrate. No one has to sit down and teach all that to their children. it's your living experience. It's your real vibration. So it gets transmitted effortlessly

Finances? Let's say no more! the money we have is not real, just numbers with real value, but false perceptions driven by sheer greed, fear and a sense of depraved lack.


Human-friendly entertainment is like finding a needle in a haystack. Imagination, concepts, stories, projections, language, vision of lowest vibration possible. Doom gloom, blood, gore, pain, hurt, greed, rage, global terrorism, rape, murder, alien attack, apocalypse, zombie attack, ...and that's our entertainment! Hollywood is the seat of global transmission of collective disease

Modern Spirituality?

Full of borrowed spiritual cliches. Fundamentally the same delusion.

It's a sick world simply because the consciousness is sick, stuck in problem-consciousness

What's the way out of this hell hole?

The remedy is simple and powerful. Know thyself.

To know oneself is the greatest service to yourself and the collective.

To embark on a journey to know oneself is to shift from problem-consciousness to solution-consciousness.

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