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Know thyself

There are millions of problems.

And there is only one solution-Know yourself.

Our world is in such a mess because it is functioning in ignorance of the Self. People know too much but are devoid of self-knowledge.

Ignorance causes fear and all the evil we see in this world. Everyone is trying to correct the next person, the world but almost nobody wants to settle with oneself. People show absolutely no commitment to themselves…All questions, confusions, unsettling arise in the absence of commitment to oneself.

Gathering with like-minded people is an overrated exercise. It seems to work only until you are fully committed to yourself. The moment you commit to yourself fully and intensely, people start falling away. Friends and foes both fall away. At some point, you start becoming independent of people-their input good or bad. People are there but you belong with you and you alone. Your relationship with divine presence at the core of you, becomes the only true identity. All false wisdoms and identities fall away.

That is the desired inner space for humans. When you turn in your focus is you, not others, not the dumb collective.

Society is fear-based. Fear is the vehicle for social order. Such is our consciousness. Blind is leading the blind. Bharat calls it kaliyuga. The dark age of great ignorance. But this dark age happens to be a great opportunity to turn in, to find God, your own true presence.

Settle down. Sit and settle within. Sit with chaos, fear, doubt, unsettledness. Sit with it, as it comes. This world has the only chance of transforming if people started to spent time deeply relaxing in their bodies, settling down and allowing.

Activists, well-meaning as they may be, are running away from their own inner chaos. They are only pouring in their own fear and deeply perturbed energies into the equation. They are shaken and stirred by the fear of conspiracies of doom gloom. The collective vision of the humanity is abysmally low.

As you draw closer to you, your vision will clarify. It will become pleasant, bright, not only for your future but for the whole of humanity. You would know that you want everyone to be happy, free and live with dignity including yourself. That is the vision that people haven't got time for. They are run around making a lot of noise. Honour that vision. and let it deepen in you. Start feeding her with your time, energy and focus and WATCH HER MATERIALISE.


When you feel strong enough within, people stop correcting you. They leave you alone. You don’t have to justify yourself. Your inner space becomes simple and flowful.

Problems are complicated. Answers are simple.

The greatest way to serve humanity is to settle down in your being. Know thyself.

Keep going until there is no more to go. And there you are, never not there.

Your abiding presence alone brings abiding peace.

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