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Peace is the absence of non-peace

Why do we seek peace?

It can only be that we are hard-wired to avoid pain and enjoy ourselves.

If you develop pain anywhere in the body, your energetic grid immediately starts to move in a way to avoid pain. For instance, you develop a little twinge in your tooth, you only feel the pain once and try your best to chew in a way to avoid feeling the pain the second time. A knee hurts, and your gait immediately and automatically adjusts to avoid feeling the pain...You may or may not succeed, but every impulse in your body wants to avoid pain, even the slightest discomfort.

That is because pain is alien to our real presence. How come we are riddled with physical and psychological suffering individually and collectively? How does that come to be? That is a very interesting thing happening to sentient. So much suffering!

While we may seek and seek and seek, peace is not to be found anywhere! It can never be found anywhere.

Sentients are obsessed with seeking peace as if they cannot do without it. It is a fact. Most of us get doses of temporary relief, but not any lasting peace. Why so?

You will be forgiven for wondering If God is against us and life wants us to suffer. and if that is all we came here to do is suffer and die, What is this silly and precarious thing called life? etc etc etc.

You search for peace as a tangible thing. A solid or visceral something that you can attain, hold, keep and cherish. That is your relationship with peace. It is for you to find, as though it exists in some other place and time. That is the playground for most seekers. One or two seek it beyond their mind. those one or two become finders. Rest play the seeking game, adding more to the delusion and continue to churn suffering on the inside...

I am not known for shocking you, but I must make an exception here. I must tell you there is no such thing as peace...neither can it be found in any object or activity, mundane or spiritual.

What is peace?

Peace is not a presence as such it is more exact as the absence of you. Absence of you is peace. The very absence of you is the god-presence. All these words are just empty words. What is God and what is presence, what's spiritual and what's mundane? All these concepts are held and nurtured by you as a person who can think, use logic, have memory, have thought processes, past, future, dreams, freewill, aspirations, spiritual desires, and attainments. All kinds of junk held by a separate entity from the whole. The very idea of separation from the whole is the mother of delsion. That one delusion is the essence of suffering. It births all mental, emotional, psychological suffering. The body follows suit. Walla! A perfect hell-hole!

It is the wrong search. A cerebral, self-styled misguided seeking brings more suffering than not seeking at all. Your seeking of peace is in that category. No wonder there is nothing to show for. True seeking is to lose oneself. Most people seel spiritual crap to become more, bigger, brighter. or to cover over the misry Not to lose oneself.

If you are not after losing oneself, you will never know yourself either.

In order to find you, you must be willing and steadily preparing to lose yourself. Then you are on the path like a true warrior.

There is no such thing as peace, it is only the absence of non-peace.

The absence of non-peace is the absence of you, as an entity living via your conditioned mind.

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