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How dazzling do you need to be?

Persona versus your true presence.

Persona needs constant tending, tweaking, and shining. Most spiritual seekers are after a shinier, expanded and somewhat dazzling persona that leaves the beholder breathless!

Most spiritual people are singing wise songs of freedom from behind bars, helping their fellow prisoners to be happier, calmer and ( perhaps fake just like themselves)

Your true presence needs no circus, only a deep sincere remembrance and IT comes into play. When She comes into play, you feel whole and quenched.

Life that we live is like a bubble arising on the surface of the ocean. Fragile and temporary. After playing momentarily, this tiny bubble dissolves back into the vast waters. While a bubble turns up, it acts out the experience of its apparent independent existence. Maya.

Maya-when illusion seems real. Maya causes obliviousness to the Real. The bubble forgets the ocean and launches a thousand dreams, aspirations and deep mental and emotional investments of both mundane and spiritual nature to feel complete, unto itself

The only true destiny of the bubble is to remember that it is not a bubble but the entire ocean itself. Rest takes care of itself. In this remembrance a truly magnificent life is not only possible, it is readily available. Why are bubbles wandering depressed and lost, in broken families, warring? Whatever is the problem then? Why do they not claim the magnificence?

The only reason for not claiming the true glory is that the bubble starts playing to the gallery. Other bubbles around it become its primary focus. Each bubble starts a strenuous attempt of epic proportions to gain glory from fellow bubbles. Each bubble through the years learns to master the art of self-deception that cloaks deep personal misery and pushes a persona of peace, joy and wisdom. Fake applause does it for the bubble.

With an ounce of true guidance, all manner of playing to the gallery stops. all pretensions stop. One gets sincere with oneself. Getting to grips with the greater destiny of this temporary life. One ceases to squander the precious opportunity of one's chance at passing through the gateway to the abiding. This fragile life is a rare opportunity that smashes the illusory prison of persona.

How much can you invest in shifting sands before you turn to your own eternal spring?

How much do you expect the world to fulfil you? My sincere wish for you is that you may tire real soon of keeping up appearances and invest in what is beyond appearances.

My crazy heart blesses each one of you with that.

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