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Small teachings

We are an instant coffee culture. Instant gratification has got us. Everything from buying stuff to spiritual enlightenment is available at the push of a button.

Everything that we wish to delve into, is available on YouTube. Tens of millions of very confident people have their wisdom, experiences, and tips to share on every topic imaginable. It's all there! It's incredible.

There is tons of esoteric stuff available too. People watch something and they create their own video and we have millions of videos on a subject. It creates a false sense that people nowadays understand so much good stuff.

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction seem to be always in your face. Western spirituality is come to be all about manifesting. Online there is always someone with a great experience of manifesting wealth, fame, stardom etc. Celebrities chime in too. Endless blogs, videos and teachers teaching how to attract what you want. We are one, everything is connected and freely available right here right now...and the rest of it. These laws make sense. People naturally feel inspired to achieve great things in their own lives. Millions do affirmations, (in the present tense, charged with emotion, with a happy expectation of yes yes!)

These half-baked teachings have an unsettling vibe. It stimulates the chasing mentality born out of a deep lack of sense of Self.

People feel like a nobody, there is one way to be somebody by acquiring wealth, fame, and spiritual status.

Today's disproportional emphasis on manifesting is a backdoor strategy to fill the gaping hole of the inner sense of lack, disconnect and feeling like a nobody.

Very deep down you are aware of the gap between your true self and the poor life created by your fearful mind. That gap is suffering. Everyone on this planet wants to fill that gap. That is a spiritual journey about. Hence these teachings appeal because they seem to remedy the very core of lack.

What does the lack in your life stem from? How can you fill it? Will manifesting money, things, perfect partner bring you what lack?

The innate sense of lack is due to the ignorance of the Self.

Most parents fail to instil a sense of self in children. The lack of right engagement, attention, guidance, care and love creates a persona full of holes that makes for a life seeking approval, attention and validation from others. The whole life is lived for the gaze of others...Children create when they are being ignored. Billions are stuck at that attention-seeking stage. People are conditioned to be greedy and competitive and live very confused and phoney lives without abiding principles or any deeper values in life.

No wonder people are drawn to the Law of attraction and manifesting

Chasing after shadows.

It is tedious to chase after things.


Seeking for self is an arduous, all-consuming, self-sacrificing path. It's not for everyone. But just about everyone is managing to ride the spiritual high horse. Spiritual circus is alluring to the mind.

Self is all manifestation arises of. If you go to the fullness of your being, there is nothing to manifest. You will be so full and contented and manifestations happen beautifully in your absence. You incarnated into a manifest world!

Your heart's desires come by quite naturally without you getting psychologically involved. The moment you start chasing, you become tense and unreceptive. Feeling lack more intensely than before, compensating for it with more spiritual jargon.

Get the perspective right. You are the source of all manifestation. Know thyself.

When you pool in your intent and life force to know your Self, life starts to yield to you. You start filling from within

You will not be trapped by small teaching any longer.

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