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Life is Your Personal Party-start enjoying it!

Your life is your personal party is a concept that I came up with by interacting with hundreds of students and clients. One thing that struck me above all else was that people do not enjoy their lives within the four walls of their home, with the handful of people they call their family. So my work has been not necessary to awaken people to any spiritual truths but to settle them down in such a profound manner that they can fearlessly, unashamedly and fully engage with their lives so that their life yields to them. The endless mental and emotional issues arise out of disconnected day to day familial life. People compensate for that by finding sympathy, attention, approval and accolades from the rest of the world..and that often leads people to years of either dispensing or receiving therapy or doing sundry spiritual work.

Most of the spiritual seeking arises out of sheer disconnection within the family. It is hardly fruitful. 98% of spiritual seekers will vanish if we learn to fully engage within our homes and family. The serious seeker (about 1% of seekers) will get their thing done, no matter what, but the rest are seeking to find others of the same ilk to forge a vague connection.

People I work with begin to settle down. They start arriving at their already ongoing personal party. The fun starts. The more fun they have, the more engaged they become. The more oblivious they become to name, fame, emotional and mental issues, spiritual practices...

You are doing all kinds of spiritual circus so that you could enjoy your life, your personal party. You are not aware of this.

The world is full of megalomaniacs, greedy, fame-hungry, control freaks-only because they are absent from their own personal party. Had they been enjoying their very own personal party, they would not have had time, energy or inclination to peep outside of that personal haven.

If God cannot be found in your everyday life, HE is not worth looking for.

Contrary to what you have been living-the nectar of your ordinary life is all quenching Settle down in your circumstance a little more each day. Start enjoying your personal party. Start digging it!

Life will yield to you

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