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Dismiss your mind

A new year is upon us. Humans have been long associating new year with new beginnings , some definitive change in life, circumstance and our inner world.

Every moment is new, pristine and fresh…the only thing that is new and fresh is this moment.

I am not going to suggest that you live now and here, in this moment, because quite

honestly you simply can’t manage it, yet you are convinced that you can manage it and work hard at it.

You are always in this moment. Where else can you be? However it’s the cerebral parallel reality of your mind that simply cannot exist in this moment. It’s either in past or future, never here, constantly thought-travelling alternative space-time. Your mind is an assortment of information in myriad forms. It is all learnt, conditioned, handed down to you via DNA, or simply permeates you via Ether.

You call it ‘my mind’ but none of it is your own. It’s a mechanism serves a master other than you. Had it been ‘your mind’, you would be the master of it and it would be subservient to you. The mind clearly disobeys you, talks over you and pulls you by your nose and drives you insane yet there is no way you can hush it. That does not look like something you own, it looks like something that owns you.

There is a relationship of respect and obedience there. You have been conditioned to respect and obey all that you have learnt, know, logic and everything else that your mind whispers to you.

For instance if your mind has read about compassion, unconditional love, herenow. It puts you on a track to go and get these things. It gives you great missions and keeps you yearning for great ideals. No one ever achieves all that the mind asks of them. The gaps between ideals and reality of your personal lives creates a great disillusionment. Your mind is a correctional entity. Where there is correction, there is naturally a split of right-wrong, good-bad, spiritual-mundane and so on. The more you obey your mind, the more efforty and fragmented you become. Your reality reflects that.

All your spiritual journey is a simple dynamic -Your mind sets you up against yourself to correct, improve and develope. . It is problem-consciousness riddled with lack, wrongs and in dire need of improvement…people are wasting their precious lives in correcting themselves.

Egged on by mind, people do sundry stuff that they feel is their spiritual journey. Too much information load, no receptivity. A smug mind. A cup upside down or just too full to receive. Suffering.

There is nothing you can do other than receive. You cannot force a change. The mind mechanism is dumb and lets you believe that you need to change to be happy and you can force that change with meditations, yoga, affirmations….

Your mind is the only problem.

You need to be told and reminded until you learn to dismiss it.

Your relationship with your mind must flip. You must assume your rightful place of a master, or your mind will keep you in lack, seeking, smug and in misery.

Dismiss your mind! You will also learn to dismiss your reality. It’s Maya.

The more you dismiss mind, the more you align with your true freedom

Life is whole. You are whole. There are no lessons you need to learn here. Don’t get caught in small teachings.

You are here to know you.

Your being, the Self is (w)holy.

settle down. Let your cells settle down. Sit and hang around with you, not for any spiritual gain, but as a sheer love affair with yourself.

Just enjoy sitting back with you. You will touch perfection in those moments.

You will clearly see the meaning behind my words.

The force behind my words will stir something in you

Receive and allow

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