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Because people are not doing what is natural, they have to do all kinds of circus to feel ok. These days we are trained to make mountains out of molehills- see a therapist, work through emotions, do mediations, kirtans....all very silly, heady and pretentious.

You do not need to analyze absolutely anything. You only need to allow what is happening So, What's bothering you today? What are you wrestling with mentally and emotionally?

Here is an easy and fun way to deal with your difficult emotions Stop wrestling and treating emotions as enemies and pushing them back. This makes them go underground and run you from there. You are fearful of emotion that feels bad. It has NOT come to hurt you. So, instead, recognise its arrival as auspicious. Welcome it with a smile, a happy heart, and a genuinely welcoming attitude, almost as if you can make a nice comfy seat for it, make a cup of tea for the two of you and hang out together and relax together. Treat it as your best friend. Tell it, you have room for her. Tell it she can stay. She can stay as long as she likes...Stop wanting her to leave you. Because you know if unpleasantness is fully allowed she moves. She only came to say goodbye. In that recognition, you may even feel eager to engage with the arising sensation... almost as long-lost friends do. Your 'problem' will become your friend, your guru, your liberator.

When you come to understand that she came to liberate you. you can allow yourself to be unafraid to fully engage and just feel her and that's all it wants you to do. If you get into a habit of feeling all that arises, you will find that you have fallen out of working on problems, issues, self-help, meditations, and doing a spiritual journey mode into a more natural way to be. You will become one with life. She moves, you move with her...and it sets you free to be, just live and that is the essence of liberation. when you can just be and live your life

When you allow, understanding follows as a shadow. Sundry clouds floating across your space...Space is never hurt by clouds, lightning, rain or thunder. Nor is it pleased by sunshine. Your pure space is untouched by absolutely everything.

Try it!

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