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A sense of abandonment that starts soon after birth and progresses from there is the root cause of modern suffering. The newborn is trained to sleep in a separate room and play school starts for some children by the age of two and a half.

By the age of 8, most parents split, destroying the foundations of security, safety strength and trust in life. It is as though we can't bear to be without children and can't let them be around us for any length of time. When parents are with their children, it is rather disengaged and shallow togetherness.

Children have their innate intelligence and instinct. The adults around them have long lost all that. Adults are loaded with acquired information and bereft of intelligence. Parents compensate for sincerity, open hearts, settledness and deep engagement with empty discipline or flattery.

Children are perceptive. They can sense the real under the facade. They can sense when adults are insincere, emotionally distant, unsettled, or troubled and involuntarily imbibe these sorrowful impressions deeply within their inner space, which is in stark contrast to their instinct. Which starts to dull their innate intelligence and instinct.

Disengaged parenting is the curse of humanity. It keeps creating heady, self-wrapped, attention-seeking, small-spirited humans who have no experience of true love, heart connection, or generosity of spirit. Foggy adults hand down the baton of insincere, imbalanced and unsettled way to live.

People feel small because of deep abandonment, a tangible lack of a sense of self. their true worth was never seen acknowledged or nurtured. A child's sense of self is built from the very start with an investment of deep engagement, heart connection and time, which all goes on to develop a strong relationship with others, life and ultimately with the source of all things. This deep abandonment causes one to abandon oneself and follow others. Which is the deepest cause of human suffering. Self liberates.

In the absence of this valuable asset, people are compelled to learn strategies to live, thrive and gain respect. So much circus to fill the void for love, engagement and attention from childhood. Thriving on the outside, while languishing within. a complicated life. A facade.

The spiritual seeking most are doing is a cry for someone to see me, hear me, simplify me, basically 'unfuck me'.

Most of the population has no intrinsic interest in divinity or God or Self. Most of it is to undo the damage of the family. People need to unlearn dysfunctional ways and learn to deeply engage within the immediate family. If we were brought up to live beautifully within the family, 90% of the world's personal and global problems would vanish. Along with that vanish the brigade of spiritual seekers.

Family is where all answers lie for most people. and people are running away from those who are their closest.

A strong family makes for a strong insightful mind, united minds and united purpose.

You are where you need to be. Engage, and be fully present.

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