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Love, kindness empathy, compassion are slowly cooked dishes.They are not cooked in a jiffy. Read a book do a course...concepts are familiar but nothing is assimilated.

We are living in a culture of speed, instant cofee, competition, tremendous projections and pointless celebrities. The crowd eggs you on to achieve money, success, and glory. You start rushing to keep up with others. Life is so rushed because we want to keep up with others... No matter how stupid others are we still want to keep up. We deny ourselves the luxury of time to discern and disconnect from the collective.

The crowd is doing all kinds of circus...let it! Why do you latch onto it? The crowd challenges you to hurry up and get there quickly because the crowd is projecting that consciousness is expanding and hoards of people are embracing their 'true self'. Good for them, let them!

All these projections egg you on to run faster. Cross the finishing line, be done, and join millions who are embracing 'their true potential' and are now mini-celebrities on social media. You cannot see beyond the hype. You buy into it again and again, losing yourself in this agitated state of seeking.

Your true purpose is far from the reach of any egging-on. It is an inspiration-solid and quiet. An ancient urge that sits at the very core of you. It does not get rushed even if every last person were living the awakened dream. It is urgent but not rushed. The difference is subtle. if you are rushed, you are unsettled. Urgent, committed, steadfast, very intensely personal but not in a rush. Neither is it done in the public eye. On the path to yourself...No crowds, no competitors, no is only you and God. Not the entire circus party on social media. No playing to the gallery. Naked in front of God. Anything valuable in life is a steady path a marathon...never a sprint. It is most likely a flash in the pan if it is too quick. There are several of those blasts of energy, insights and so on. Don't cling. Move on. Chale veti...keep moving.

Don't keep checking what others have found or claim to have found. Let them do whatever they are doing. They are not in the equation. It is between you and Him.

Don't be part of a pack. Do your own thing like a lion, fearless. It is about you alone. Stop checking how far to go, Stay steadfast in remembrance of Self....all will happen in that principle. The foundation of your seeking must be solid. There absolutely must be a foundation first! Obedience, humility, patience, heartfelt devotion, gratitude and many other things must find their way into your living cells. Or it is hollow projections of spiritual seeking.

When you are settled in your being dharma happens naturally, and effortlessly. Your rushing is slowing you down.

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