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Knowing is a minuscule spec of the unknown. I know this that and the other and I am very confident in that the way a conditioned mind works Real knowing is unknowing. Knowing is what was learned. It is confined, borrowed, stale and limiting. Rigidity is the way of all personal knowing. Mind is deeply invested in its own knowledge, past, and myriad projections of the future. Mind treasures all the gathered knowledge more than most things in life constantly guarding it, justifying it, promoting it, validating it, proving it right by whatever it takes. It is vital that my knowledge is not 'precious treasure' must also be treasured by others, because it is mine!

Me versus others'. The very mother of all subtle discord and strife With a bit of luck and Guru's grace, the treasure starts to show its true content. The futility of it starts to dawn. It starts losing its grip on you. Then you gradually prepare to lose the same treasure that you showcased everywhere. The suffering at the very core of personal wisdom starts to become obvious. The prison of your own making starts to suffocate you.

That is the starting point of you becoming available to what lies beyond your own knowledge and understanding. Only when you mature up to notice that your mind is not real but a sophisticated mechanism that is made entirely of foreign suggestion and social hypnosis. it can never satisfy you or show you the Real. On the contrary, mind-mechanism consistently works against your personal peace, while feigning that it is in the process of creating peace and happiness. So it regurgitates empty words, endless words of peace, love, and spirituality.

Your mind is a con artist and you trust it. With grace, your affiliation and trust with it starts to break down. That is the start of radical intelligence that lies beyond the learnt junk.

You are confined by the borrowed and life is dysfunctional in that Beyond the borrowed lies the eternal. You can only melt away into that know what it is. There is no other way. Only in that readiness, does the vast unknown beyond your tiny understanding begin to enter you.

Knowing is sacrificed at the altar of unknowing. Fake is sacrificed for the Real. Finite has to melt into the infinite, the eternal. How else can the finite hold in itself the infinite?

Mind melts into No-mind.

True life.

Hari Om

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