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When it's your turn, SHE transpires to throw you off the endless wheel of endless suffering.

It's pure grace, not a qualification. With grace, comes your turn. When it's your turn, you receive grace.

World has its own collective mind. good and bad playing out since dot. Dharma is there at the very core of everything. We are just a lot more informed today but fundamentally exactly the same as we always were -a fine mixture of pure evil and sublime beauty and everything in between.

The entire range of evil and godliness out there is present within our collective consciousness- within the all-encompassing singularity of consciousness. Every strand and nuance of all human experience is collectively ours. We are all in it together. Just the degree of what plays out in the individuals vary The conditioned mind is hooked on to a separatist idea of personal growth and peace. The more you delve deeper into your being, the more humbled you are at how the entire spectrum of pure vileness and sublime glory are all held within you in seed form. Every single experience, emotion, impulse....what is out there is also within. It does not matter if it is too small to manifest in your solid experience, but it is there in some measure. Potential swings both ways-pure evil to pure divine. Both are sides of the same coin.

With god's grace, the force of your sanskara you don't have to endure the suffering of the lower end of the spectrum in a direct is there but it stays begin to see that what is manifest in others is perhaps asleep in me but it is within me too, in the totality of consciousness.

This insight humbles you. The beauty of this realization gets you off the high horse of personal spiritual achievement. It also settles you that the base has gone dormant here, but is active in someone out there. and if Grace has become active in me, she will also become active in others at some point. It's only a matter of turns. A mature mind starts to perceive Grace more and more in the knowledge that the suffering that you see and hear about could have been inflicted within my mind, body, and my could have been a direct personal experience of hell, but something has kept me away from that raging fire.

That is humbling as well as comforting to know that it is only a matter of time before grace glances at me, you, every last sentient. No one is left out. No one escapes her benediction it's all a matter of one's turn. Then the saints are HIS making, sinners are HIS making and how they dance their dance is up to HIM too. The ancient idea of Mine-thine melts away. What I perceive within you is also within me but grace burnt the dross. before long it will be their turn. If grace blessed my person it is not my qualification, it is pure grace....or I could still well be in that hell. When that understanding strikes, one can only pray for the peace of each sentient, so each heart is quenched with the auspicious.

That is the manner a Jnani engages with the chaos around him. All is hurtling towards the divine. All have the same destination, no matter how far or close...

Everyone is moving towards divine reality.

Sab Govind hai

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