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The society is anti-individual. anti-fun and anti-life. This world is an ambiguous pile of pretentious lies, reflecting our abysmally low consciousness.

We see and hear much about the dysfunctional state of the world in the news, on social media, in personal conversations...everywhere.

What exactly is working? Despite holding qualifications, people are uneducated and unfit mentally emotionally or financially to engineer a life that works for them. In spite of a very advanced health system and medical technology, the incidence of the disease is on an exponential rise. We have an unprecedented abundance of food and that has turned out to be problematic for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. We have a bigger share of resources,

It is quite evident that we are entirely incapable of handling abundance because the consciousness is stuck in pain, lack and fear. The decrepit consciousness causes a cerebral hell hole of discord, drama, disease, and financial lack. A majority, at least here in the West is comfortable, but just very uncomfortable in their private inner world. People are magicians at creating hellish conditions that can vibrate sorrow, angst, worry and fear.

Can it come right? How does it all come right?

It only comes right with you. You are the answer. It appears the whole drama of suffering is to merely ignite in you the innate intelligence, that can defy the stale old stream of consciousness. So that your innards can come to crystallization that I will not suffer. I don't like this and want something better. Amidst all the sorrow, grief and being flat and empty arises the nudge to not suffer anymore...starting as a gentle you start responding to that nudge, she becomes stronger. As you are drawn to bow down to that wayward nudge you become more and more faithful to yourself. The pining for freedom starts to echo in every cell of your being, existence responds and opens the doorway out of this cerebral prison. It is a direct and simple response to your direct and simple request.

Your desire for freedom is not yet wholehearted. It is partly cerebral, partly borrowed, and partly to impress others. It is yet to reverberate in every cell of your being. It is yet to overwhelm you. The overwhelming desire to set oneself free was not of your mind. It is the movement of pure grace in your life.

Existence is direct and simple. 'Spiritual journey' is nothing but dismissing, defying and unlearning social imprints, and suggestions to become uncomplicated, direct and simple again. so you could have a true relationship with the whole.

In that relationship, you can live simply and directly and die likewise.

and that's that

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