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Health in Hindi/Sanskrit is Swastha. Swa-self and Stha-established rested ('Sthan' attached to names of places like Rajasthan., Pakistan etc). Ayurvedic understanding of health is about being settled in self. It is not confined to the body. It is the all-inclusive experience of body, mind, attitudes, lifestyle and one's relationship with life. You are in health when you are rested with yourself, settled in your being, calm flow of thoughts and emotions. That is when you are simply settled in your gut, which also means that you are at peace with your situation, your place in the world, and your circumstance. This state of settledness is Swastha, an effortless state of well-being. You are in the flow. The flow is in you. You are one with the direction of life. that is health. The body's dharma is to function beautifully. The mind loses its Dharma, and trouble starts

Health and well-being today are all about diets, fads, superfoods, exercise, yoga, visualization and such stuff and nonsense. We are the unhealthiest society anywhere in the entire universe! We are obsessed with health that in itself is unsettling as it is rooted in disease consciousness. We also obsess about the avoidance of disease health organisations run awareness campaigns for all kinds of diseases to educate people, sowing the seeds of disease. That is a great way to promote disease consciousness. That is where health care is. Modern civilization treats health as an external reality, while health is the most intimate and intrinsic happening emanating from your being, your gut, your head, your subtle energies, and your subtle bodies.

Hypnosis of disease via telly, the internet, social media, newspapers, magazines and films is relentless. You are a sitting duck absorbing the suggestions of doom and gloom. You start vibrating that. You are being conditioned to be ill. The world steeped in ignorance has conditioned you to fear thousands of conditions that are coming your way...statistics to back up that they are coming. All the din to fight and avoid disease is causing disease. There is very little disease other than the suggestion.

A health service that primes people for dire consequences is no health service.

suppressed emotion, pent-up tears, lovelessness, self-centred way to live

The constant suggestion of doom and gloom has disrupted the natural flow of health and replaced it with a mental obsession with keeping healthy. Health can never arise from fear and fight. Never! When effortless health is your focus, disease drops off. You don't need special diets, regimes or avoidance of any kind. In a state of naturalness, your body is wise beyond imagination. In a state of happy heart health follows you like a shadow. You do not need to chase it. All chasing is unsettling. It keeps you groping in the dark. Allow yourself to settle down more and more into what you really really desire. Become fully available to the innate desire of your own gut. Your body knows how to stay healthy. Get your mind out of the way. Your mind has been highjacked to stay ill and suffer in myriad ways.

Deep awareness and receptivity are needed. You must become the solution consciousness There is no other escape from the collective drowned in problem consciousness.

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