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This is pure life. There is nothing mundane or spiritual about it. A trickle from moment to moment. To live fully is to be liberated. Conversely, liberated ones can live fully. No big deal.

Liberation from what? Liberation from the delusion of the conditioned mind that is invested in assuming the place of a master. How can a borrowed mumbo-jumbo be the true master? It is an interesting dynamic-only fake craves to be real. The real has no cognition of fake. Abundance knows no lack. Glory knows no shame...

Condition mind has a default of a perceptional real lack, so it seeks glory, hangs itself upside down to feel special, resists to assert personal power, speaks wise words to hide pain, shame, and sorrow and consoles itself with the gaze of people it desperately tries to impress.

The Liberated mind knows its rightful place in the scheme of things, so it acts as the perfect slave to the divine order, having all the fun doing the bidding of the whole and it does not endure a moment's cerebral lack. A Liberated mind is plugged into the abundance of the whole. It is happy to be a drop in the craves no more. Yet the whole ocean becomes its true abode. It can live.

The Spiritual quest is essentially the quest to know life intimately. When you live as a human at your rightful place in the scheme of things, it becomes a liberated life. Enlightenment, awakenings, satories, deep samadhis, mystical phenomena of Shakthi, spiritual insights etc don’t come into it. It’s all about clearing the confusion of the conditioned mind that does not know its place in the scheme of things. The conditioned mind craves to be the master of the universe, destiny and life and acts out of that delusional impulse. The delusion is so pervading and subtle that it almost always forces people to sacrifice peace, happiness, fun, and the prospect of Real life for a false sense of glory. Avoiding life, going for the booby prize. Frightened, crumbling, shaking, yet keeping the veneer of strength wisdom, love, and compassion. That is no life, that's living death

How far can you endure the hell hole?

With receptivity, your innate intelligence starts to shine and you become willing, your heart becomes happy to obey the divine will, and stop nurturing the perceptional lack of your conditioned mind. You become eager to surrender, you stop eating the bullshit that your mind feeds you. You become ready to know life intimately. then only you start to live all that your life presents to you.. and you do it with a dancing heart.

From a somebody, you happily become an absolute nobody.

Lights are on, no one is home

What else is spiritual journey?

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