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Your life is your personal party.

You do not realize this noticeable fact because absolutely no one around you has ever treated their life as their personal party, no religious/spiritual teaching guides you to treat your life as that.

Osho absolutely says this, except that he uses the word 'celebration'. So his dopey disciples reduced 'celebrations' about whirling about with arms wide open, barefoot, loose flowing garments, laughing, smiling and being generally loving and happy. The listener's mind filters out the direct and clear-cut while holding on to a vague semblance of what was heard. It becomes something else entirely. That's how all teaching is distorted in the conditioned mind. Empty concepts, real movement of joy

I much prefer to refer to life as 'your personal party'. It is blatantly obvious. There is no other logic to life. It is a party! Turn up! Engage. Live! What else?

You have failed to suss that it is a party thrown in your honour. You are being indulged, entertained, amused, delighted, captivated, enchanted, beguiled, bewitched, humoured, gratified, obliged, involved, pampered, pleasured, immersed even distracted...How rich is this mollycoddle! All this for a brief moment in time-space and then ashes to ashes...This purposeless party is a mindless celebration. The only point to this party is that may come to engage fully.

When you understand this little fact you will find out that it is not about becoming a better person and controlling your negative emotions and mind. It is to wake up to the glory of

this pageant, extravaganza and spectacular flight of fancy while it lasts.

Engage with your own party, rather than thinking about life. It is happening entirely to entice you to play along wholeheartedly and fully engaged. The true meaning of life is hidden in life itself, and not in some ethereal mystical reality.

Your life, such as She is, is worthy of your full engagement. The four walls of your home and the handful people of in your family are worthy of your rapt attention. Doing that will free you as a life force, and as a person and it adds value to your being here like nothing else can.

When you start enjoying your own personal party, you settle down, and you become available and present right here right now. That's what is missing in your life. You can live fully, then there is a possibility of entering death fully and the whole cycle is complete.

Don't waste your time. Even if it is existentially meaningless happening, your involvement and engagement give life meaning and value. Start enjoying.

What else did you come here to do?

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