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All spiritual progress is 5% of your active inner involvement and the rest of 95% happens on its own. Later on, with a bit of luck and grace, you might even be able to see that all 100% of it was pure grace.

But speaking to the active seeker here.

Your 5% will invoke, substantiate and contain the rest of the 95%.

That 5% is your practice, your Sadhna.

This 5% is a persistent and untiring commitment to Self. It is about doing what you must do without making mental and emotional excuses, without entertaining an internal dialogue about how hard it is to do your part of the deal. The same mind that wants you to seek, will come up with reasons that will veer you off the course. This is very common.

An immature mind can never mature without grace. Its belligerence forces it to continue in its present groove, perceive pressure, even torture in Sadhana, succumb to it, fail and then self-justify all the above. Your inherent Inability to stand up to your untrained, undisciplined mind is the biggest impediment on the path Many seek and few find. Seeking is not about some imaginary God in heaven, it's about the very undeniable core of your being. Yet most conk out, because the mind did not settle down in the fact that 5% is doable. The immature mind invested in its own ignorance and glory makes it impossible for the seeker to settle down enough to commit to doing the required meagre needful.

For instance, here is the guidance to feel emotions in the body, drop the storyline and receive, remember how much has a state of resistance, even that seems a big challenge.

Sometimes you have to consciously defy your mind. When you are drowned in resistance, at such times you have to consciously stop pandering to your mind, stand up, hold your ground and remember what is happening with your unfolding. By challenging your mind you assume a stronger position to your mind and you may find that it easier to defy its agenda, excuses and storylines and get down to do what you need to do in the way of your spiritual practice. The 5% has all to do with putting your mind in its rightful place, and then the seeking can turn into finding.

Are you finding excuses to not do your 5%? Chances are that is what is stopping your heart from opening, from committing to sadhana.

If you are committed to yourself, you will cry tears of relief and gratitude that it's only 5%.

If you can put all your heart and soul into the sadhana, Truth is an unstoppable force.

Even the unstoppable force is stoppable by your puny mind. That's how this game is so tricky.

There is hardly any trickery if your hearts can stay open to doing the 5% of sadhana. Blessings keep falling in your lap.

Most of you will agree

My prayers, blessings and heartfelt love to each and every one of you


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