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Welcome to the new Website

The old energy must have made way for the new. Early this year, I lost the old website, in the process of changing providers. Losing that website brought an unexpected sense of liberation and even a slight tinge of exhilaration. But, while the old was gone, the new one was not coming naturally. I was not about to force the issue.

I was playing with mud and enjoying it too much to concern myself with anything else.

Last autumn, we put our pet pigs Pinky and Perkie in one of the paddocks to root a heavy Dock crop. They were moved on to another paddock in January after reducing it to muddy slush. Ever since, every morning, I have been finding myself heading for that field still in my dressing gown and slippers ( that's me!) and picking loose bits of dock-root left behind.

It went on for months, me bending over several hours a day collecting roots from the slush. Then, when the slush thickened, I started forking them out. Finally, around mid-May, it came to a point when I felt, ''I could have a proper garden here. All I need is a tractor ploughing it''. Half an hour later, by quite a bizarre coincidence, a lovely farmer was ploughing the field! He had only come to park his cultivator in the farmyard adjoining our home!

It turned the field around like magic. The rooting work continued only more vigorously and effectively as the loosened soil was easier to work. Years of dock leaf, years of seeds expressing. We are still finding occasional old roots.

I put up make-shift fences, cold frames to keep peacocks, chickens and horses out and sowed vegetables. Watch plants grow and do their thing is the most satisfying thing in the world. I have turned into quite a pumpkin gazer. I find myself doing it several times a day, every day. What can match that?

The process has been unfolding effortlessly. Hours of work go in every day. It feels like play.

It seems the garden wants to be, and vegetables want to grow, compost wants to be made-and our hands move to follow the command of what needs to happen. Looking back, I know that a lot of work went into it. It feels that I did not do it. I was there, but it was happening all by itself.

Effortless ease is the way Shakti moves. She uses you. You participate. The more abandon you play with, the more joy you harvest (fruits and vegetables too!)

The garden has found its own flow. Shakti turned to the website. So I wrote it the same way that I dug that garden.

Then yesterday, quite unexpectedly, I pushed the button and published it, even though it is not complete. I am sure I will tweak it as I go along.

Leela is constantly surprising me

So here I am sharing, offering and interacting with you, and it does feel as good as playing in soil and harvesting vegetables.

Here is to the new energy and Her grace and blessings.

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