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Do only the necessary

...and stop doing the unnecessary!

To feel the rising feeling in the cells of your body is the most necessary thing on the planet.

Feel it in the body. Leave the mind alone, Your mind will drag you into a story, and distract you to do something, anything to avoid engaging with the feeling. Consequently, you may grab your phone, open the fridge, eat, talk about your problems to friends, or internally run the storyline, be philosophical about it, go to sleep, tell yourself that I am fine, I will be fine, It will go, or give spiritual reasons for feeling in a certain way.

These are signs of resistance to stay put and feel what needs to be felt.

You are working from the old habit of never feeling what's going on in your inner space. You are programmed to do the unnecessary so you can avoid the basic and pivotal. but it will not let you sit quietly and let this feeling run its course. The programmed mind is an avoidance-at-all-costs strategy. The feeling is pure energy in motion. It moves fast. but when you avoid she goes underground. which is the root cause of all chaos in the world.

You don't need to do anything other than be willing to engage with your inner drama. Be quiet and let her dance, whichever way she wants to. You get identified, distracted, get swept away with storylines, and characters.

Stay put. Stop rushing about. Feel. Feel everything within the body with a happy willingness.

If you do that you will have started to attend to what is necessary.

You can certainly expect to become a little more liberated.

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