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Addicted to normalcy

People are addicted to 'normal'. Whatever is widely accepted is normal. Nobody wants to be abnormal. Nobody wants to be an oddball, stand out by acting, dressing, speaking, or even laughing in a way that falls outside the parameters of ''normal''. People try and act in normal, acceptable ways even if it kills them. Stay acceptable, no matter how dumb and stupid the acceptable might be.

People fear and detest the radical mind. People get uncomfortable and fear any behaviour that falls out of the ordinary. They get put off, angry, perplexed etc simply because it challenges the validity of their mental boundaries. This fear, insecurity and inadequacy to assimilate out of the ordinary is often masked by creating a persona of condescending, judgmental, righteous holier-than-thou. The reason for such a reaction is that people feel certain that they can't or won't deviate from the norm with the belief that the majority cannot be wrong.

The reason for emotionally charged reactions is that people feel certain that they can't or won't deviate from the norm backed by the belief that the majority cannot be wrong. There is a sense of security in boundaries, which stops people from venturing outside their comfort zone

Why this addiction?

Addiction is easy because it does not need you to be present in this moment. You can think, and react on autopilot. It is much easier than living in the unknowing that each moment brings with it. To be present is to be vulnerable, present and alive. People usually don't have that much mental and emotional energy available. The easy route is much easier, simpler, faster...let the autopilot do it. Let the stale programming of other damaged humans guide you into a life of de-pressed you rather than the radical presence at the core of you blossom and come through. Out of the ordinary, the abnormal is fraught with danger.

Fear fear much longer can you vibrate this?

The more important reason for honouring the notion of 'normal' is because your own mind is a product of the limited, stifled, frightened, phoney shrunken and stale minds of humans around you. You do not know anything else. You seek validation from those who shaped you. Society accepts you and that is the biggest deal in your universe. Big house, more money, status, goody-two-shoes...

So much mental and emotional energy is invested in nurturing and enhancing the persona. Very few are invested in the Real person. 99% of humanity is living in the absence of real intelligence -as long as everyone else believes I am good, worthy, rich, successful, gifted, kind, spiritual, wise compassionate etc.... Everyone grabs the booby prize while pure gold is disregarded.

Pure gold is yours to have. You need to be radical enough to stop playing to the gallery. There is no gallery. There is no normal' to adhere to. Nobody is that impressed with you, no matter how you like to believe otherwise. People are overrated, the lure of their love affection, and admiration keeps you bound to the false centre.

There is a gloriously normal you, hidden under all the perceptional normal. You cannot stop living from the limitations of normal unless someone unhinged from blessed normalcy comes and unhinges you.

Being ready for oneself is radical.

Are you ready for the only question worth pondering over

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