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Your Thought is Your Destiny

Your world is the projection of your mind. Vedas instruct that your thought is your destiny.

Trouble is that your thoughts are not your own, they seem as though they are. All your thoughts are stemming from others.

From the moment of birth, even before birth, the pure intelligence of the baby starts absorbing millions of subconscious and unconscious impressions. Your personality is shaped fully by the age of 5. You are set. The rest of life unfolds expressing what has gone in.

So that is that.

It may be life-friendly, noble or riddled with anti-life stuff. Whatever it is, your thoughts are arising out of what went in. We humans are echo chambers. Mostly echoes of terrible hellish, blood-curdling screams.

So all your thoughts are stale, foreign and not an expression of your divine reality because they originate from man and not from the pristineness of your being.

Life is going wrong. She does from time to time. Why not? She is not going wrong, she is pulling you up a few notches so you can draw back to yourself and separate the chaff from the grain.

Life is invested in you being victorious. In Hindu and Sikh scriptures being victorious is eulogised over and above everything else. Jai, Jai, Jai is the punchline for thousands of Vedic shlokas. Attaining victory in your personal life. A life lived in a way that one feels victorious, on top of it, life yielding to oneself. That is your dharma.

To find the truth and turn away from the false. It's not a mystical spiritual truth, all it means is to find that centre uncontaminated by foreign impressions. So you could express your life without the meddlesome

Why is it so important?

Living by handed-down beliefs, thoughts, and emotions causes just too much pain and sorrow

It's not only important, it is incumbent upon you to find your true face, true voice, and true desire simply because suffering is a pain in the arse. Even when 80% of life is alright, you are attuned to focus on the most ghastly stuff. Humanity is in this trance of suffering. People pretend to be wise, happy, magnificent, wise, mentoring others....all in this hippy trance of suffering!

Silly billy humans we are!

Life is a constant practice to dive deeper into oneself. You eat and then you wash the dishes. Your vision requires practice, patience and steadfastness. Practice holding your vision of harmony, peace, and joy, it seems hard work because there is so much self-criticism, self-loathing, and strong emotional bonds with lack, inadequacy struggle and strife.

Its called a practice. You wander off you come back to your true vision. You keep coming back to you out of great love for your own person. You simply keep coming back because that is easier than all the dreadful stories and inner horror films.

A committed practice to become a containment that can hold everything that pleases your heart.

It is a practice to go with what you truly desire rather than what you truly hate. Done sincerely, she releases you from all practices and lets you live. She liberates. Don't pretend, just keep at yourself. Be committed to your own peace. Keep on the straight and narrow. It is hard, but you do it for the love of you. It yields. Needs patience. You are breaking the ancient conditioning of sub-human suffering and sorrow.

In my view, it is the only thing worth doing. and it's the most rewarding thing in creation. You think you know best what you are called to do such as pursuing a passion, healing others, following your heart etc. But it is to find the pristineness of your own being, so you can live your life in a way that would reflect your divine core

Om Shanti

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