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Pilgrim's progress

Your mind has an inbuilt fear of the truth. It starts you on a spiritual journey, but it certainly does not want you to complete it. After all the separation is only a perceptional folly of the conditioned mind. Once that perception is corrected, the mind-construct vanishes, just like darkness at the strike of the match. So your mind cons you into believing that you can stop now, that you are so wise, happy and settled. This is the best you have ever been. You found it! The conditioned mind's sole investment is self-preservation. It puts you on a spiritual path, then subtly dissuades you. That game must be sussed. Those who suss this trickery, become pilgrims

Being a seeker and being a pilgrim are two different energies. Seeking is mostly for others to see what you achieved along the way, it's never about the ultimate. Being a pilgrim is, however, an inner fire that will not let you stop until there is no more seeking

It will not let you live, or die. It naturally has an acute awareness that a resting place no matter how peaceful, is not the final destination. A cosy inn along the way offers warm food and shelter, rejuvenates and makes the journey easy and fun, but it is not your stop.

A pilgrim stays on the path until there is no more to go. It's not a cerebral seeking.  It is a matter of life and death. It's an intense, singular and tireless movement towards the centre. Only when the pilgrim vanishes, the pilgrimage is completed. 

The conditioned mind will have you believe you have arrived, this is it! It IS only when there is no mind to interpret what just happened.

Chale veti, chale veti...keep moving without cessation

A journey towards Self requires a certain state of mind and heart. There is hardly any distance to cover, yet it takes real sweat, blood and time.

Attainment of the simplest is certainly the most challengingly arduous. A settledness is required to progress deeper into one's being. When you settle your natural movement is towards more peace and more settledness. Like attracts like. This settledness is the jumping board to Self/God.

The fire within when truly ignited by a living presence lets you dance and hop along your journey with joy and glee. It's effortless, it's fruitful. It is easy. It ripens you and thaws your mind's delusional perception of doership, The fact that you persist is a powerful message of your intent and opens up a greater possibility. It purges you of the insanity of the conditioned mind and its stale narrative, self-sabotaging agendas and treacherous impulses.

When you become solid, settled, and steadfast and your awareness sharpens, it is no longer a case of you 'doing your journey', The journey does you.

You no longer live your life. She lives you.

Then the mind is the little tool you use to navigate life...nothing more nothing less. You make good use of it, but you no longer live a life filtered by the old fool.

Let the journey do you. Let life live you

There is no bigger achievement than that

Chale veti...keep moving towards the centre

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