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Is peace elusive, why?

Human life is essentially a search for comfort and peace.

All sentient beings are hard-wired to avoid pain. No one likes suffering, yet no one is at peace either. So while the essence is pure peace, why does the human experience seem almost devoid of any abiding peace?

Why is peace so rare? Why does she constantly elude you?

Humans suffer psychological and emotional pain, apart from physical pain. That's where the whole dynamic of pain-avoidance becomes slightly convoluted. Humans employ psychological and emotional strategies to avoid pain. That is precisely how peace becomes elusive.

Humans have been journeying through experiences of pain, struggle and suffering.

The collective consciousness stores every one of those impressions within the human psyche, memory, and the human race's DNA.

Humanity has traversed through the ages, and suffering has been a constant companion throughout. These impressions are transmitted to the next generation spontaneously and effortlessly. Parents pass down some conditioning .genetically and energetically, and social interactions and influences do the rest. As a result, you acquire a false identity.

95% search for peace within the framework of that false identity. So there is a plethora of corny wisdom and inspirational stuff, but peace remains elusive.

Individuals seeking for peace is essentially a u-turn from the collective's direction.

Seeking peace is a collective hobby of humankind. Finding peace, however, is a very individual, lonesome and arduous endeavour.

On this pursuit, you consciously turn your back on society and its constant barrage of hypnotic suggestions. Of course, you don't necessarily become anti-society, but for the sake of finding the real you, you must consciously forsake the lies of the collective. That is the starting point of the seeking that should end in finding.

The hypnotic suggestion is anti-you and anti-life. It does not enhance you; it impedes you. The sole purpose of hypnotic suggestion is to keep the insane society intact. It is a fearful state of consciousness where individuals do not matter. You do often notice the world we have created and live in is utterly insane.

The hypnotic suggestion urges you towards suffering, angst and lack because that is the track it has been on since the dawn of humankind. The social suggestion is inherently lacky, dismal and sabotaging and full of foreboding in nature, and then you wonder why your life is not working out for you. The broad spectrum of social suggestions from 'Life is a bitch, and then you die to ''the planet is running out of clean water, or ''money does not grow on trees'' Full of trickery, the sly suggestion use subterfuge to sneak all the way into your subconscious and run you from there. You cannot access the magnitude of the authority and power it has over you, until...

To seek peace is to become free of social conditioning.

Your mind is not your own. It is a jumble of the hypnotic suggestion you are subjected to. You feel you are living your life. All your actions arise out of the conditioned mind.

To find peace, you have to see what is unreal. The Real does not need any seeking on your part. It is never not there.

You will find that even your spiritual shenanigans arise out of the same hypnotic suggestion within the ether. But, of course, even that is not real!

To be a seeker is not a spiritual pursuit. It is peeling off the false identity, breaking free from the mighty prison of perceptions. Meditations will not help you to peel off anything. they might plaster more layers of falsehood.

It would be best if you had someone who escaped the prison, someone who knows the prison well and yet lives in the freedom beyond the prison. And it is not a journey you do with cronies, soul only need you and the deep desire to be free and peaceful. It is a deeply personal quest. Leave the world-peace out of it.

Walk alone. The only thing you will ever need is - be receptive.

Know thyself. Wake up from the trance, Peace will follow

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