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Commitment to yourSelf

The only thing sitting between you and peace is you.

Peace can happen to you, right now, joy can flood you right now. You don't need to heal yourself, do shadow work, analyse your past, or any emotional issues. You don't need any of that.

You indulge in all that simply because you are not ready for you. You believe too much in your effort and too little in your true nature. You speak a lot of your true nature, love, flow, present moment...your conceptual understanding is the problem.

In fact, your 'spiritual journey' is your subtle ploy to stay in chaos. You indulge in spiritual entertainment. Jogging on the spot, not getting anywhere. The jogging is entertaining to you. You meet. like-minded people, occasional meet-ups, a community, a belonging, a platform for sharing mystical experiences...etcetera. What's all that has to do with Truth?

You don't want it enough. You think you do...your life is being lived in lack of commitment to yourSelf.

Peace is a hard mistress- She does not respond to cerebral needs. She only ever responds to urgent pleas arising from the depth of your heart and soul. The more urgent the better. She yields only when you want her and nothing else.

She is a mistress that does not share you with anyone, You worship small Gods- your wisdom, your journey, your understanding, experiences etc etc. These small gods keep you from the ever-present abiding principle at the very core of you.

You only need to be ready for you. It comes flooding in. It's always here. It is Never not here.

Commitment to the Self is the very movement of grace.

Receptivity is the master key

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