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A student recently told me that there is no path....and then they also told me that they are not their body either. Which was impressive statements from a certain perspective....but not from mine. Most people are today regurgitating borrowed 'wisdom'. It's an unconscious taking on board what's in the ether. Mind is so cunning it won't let you see that you are munching away stale, gone off grub. Because mind is apt at camouflaging stupidity with veneer that comes over as wisdom

There are two perspectives. The perspective of No- Mind and the perspective of conditioned mind. What the former says, can never be grasped by the latter.

From the vantage point that lies beyond the conditioned mind, there is no path, no journey, no truth, no ego even, no God, no evil, no atma, no parmatma. It is. But that is from this perspective. That is true in absence of the filter of conditioned mind.

However from the seeker’s point of view and reality from the conditioned mind, there is a path, a process, a peeling off, a falling off of stuff, learning, unlearning. It is a full on process that unfolds in real time. As a result, it requires diligence, patience, receptivity and persistence.

Your deep desire, diligence, patience, humility invoke grace and with grace your bubblevof a separate self bursts. That precise happening is in itself takes no time, it's instantaneous. But the whole spiritual journey is preparation that will allow that pinprick that bursts the bubble.

From that point on there are no separate bubbles for you of a path, method, how to, unfolding, practices, yearnings....all those things suddenly become redundant....but that is in the moment of merger of your conditioned entity into What Is nameless, formless, thoughtless, but IS, the unsayable blah blah ( words are so inadequate!)

The journey is the falling away of cunningness, agenda, borrowed wisdom and all such non sense until you come fully into and remain effortlessly in what IS.

so in reception the journey is Effortless and most definitely fun. Much fun

Nothing is more fun than coming back home and enjoying the scenery along the way.

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