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Society is juvenile because rarely do people grow past the age of seven.

From birth to the age of 7, all the dysfunctional ways of their parents are well imprinted on young minds. Most parents even the good ones are lost individuals themselves with very confused minds, very nuddled up priorities, deprived of love, attention and any real engagement. The baton of lack, deprivation and constant seeking to fill that lack is passed on to the children. Adults are just large-sized juveniles reliving and expressing the same dysfunctionality of previous generations who caused a big hole of lack. Everyone is trying to fill that hole. Children hidden inside great big bodies just want that hole of 'not being enough' to fill so they can feel whole and complete. People are oversized children who are invested in taking as much as they can and trying to hold back as much as possible. Binge eat useless information and information and they can call themselves experts. Experts of some crap or the other...bloated, smug busy pretending to be someone, something they are not. Playing the same game, tirelessly Most adults are stupid. and not just ordinary stupid, extraordinary stupid. Intense stupidity, and dullness of mind and spirit at play. The more they know the more stupid and rigid they act. The acquisition of knowledge( even if stale and foreign) brings with it an ability to take things personally, cause offence and mine-thine. Those who think that they know more, fight, quibble, argue and invest heavily in their own glory. The more they believe in their own abilities and skills the less able are they to let go of their own narrative, their righteousness, and to open their tight shut heart. The more worthless one feels more entitled one acts. Hence all the bickering, arguing, offence defending, pretending.... do all this all day every day till they drowned in it and they don't even know it! Sometimes when you watch children observing adults you can see that look in their eyes that they can see through their bullshit. Is it a surprise that we have a crazy world that is a disaster on all levels? A juvenile society altogether. It can all come right if we learn to be fully present and engaged within our family and home.

A spiritual journey is so we can be wholesome within the family. First things first.

The family must come right, so we can raise children who can become wholesome adults.

Unless you feel wholesome, you don't feel inner peace.

All inner peace is feeling Whole

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