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There are two ways to live. One is to keep fighting another is a deep let go.

Let go of what? What exactly do you hold? and how would you let go?

Let go is a commonly used phrase nowadays. People are trying to let go via therapy, meditation, self-work...they invariably end up becoming tight and much more constricted than if they hadn't tried to let go in the first place.

It is folly to believe that letting go can happen via effort, fight, or by self-correction. How can the mind let go? It learns and spews out learnt material. Its sole investment is in gaining more, not letting go. As one starts walking on the path to finding peace, one learns many many new cool concepts, gains some understanding, experiences, and a certain manner of inner talk, which becomes their manner of speech with others too.

It is quite a natural process for the mind to get identified with the acquired 'treasures'. Things are getting solid all the time, not getting fluid. It is getting stuck. So most spiritual journeys end up about showcasing the 'treasures' gathered over many years. It is a vague hope of triumph that will perhaps soothe the inner pain, confusion and sense of failure. This is the model of fight mode- fighting with oneself, shadows, issues, stuck energies, incapabilities, remorse, lugging along the past, projecting the learnt while the heart shuts down progressively.

There is another much easier way, a fun way, a very productive way. It is so easy that most find it difficult.

It is to be simply receptive. How do you be receptive?

In order to be receptive, you must have come to a realization that you and your effort cannot take you there. The moment you realize that, you switch planes, quite automatically and midflight. All non-reception is essentially to justify the borrowed, conditioned programmed mind of yours. The conditioned mind is conditioned to justify itself and hold what it knows over and above everything else. This one thing is the biggest curse of seekers.

This one thing is the cause of all suffering known to us.

Picture this-bubbles floating around in space. All of them are filled with the same air, but each one of them feels convinced of its superiority over the others. Fights, mine-thine, arguments, debates, discord, wars...or just false projections and pretentiousness. The spiritual bubbles are mega bubbles, politicians are massive bubbles (more hot air)

That is the illusion one is trying to find freedom from. That is the essence of seeking.

Now one or two find that they are willing and ready to be pricked so that they can be rid of their personal identity. They have no hunger left in them to be an autonomous bubble. rather not carry the burden of being a separate bubble.

That is a happening so rare that most end up being mega bubbles. The game is to disappear as a bubble. Pop!

Then you can be. Then you are nothing, yet everything.

May hearts be receptive

OM Nisarg

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