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24.9.2023 (The gist of spiritual seeking)

Humans can do some pretty impressive stuff from following staunch practices of exercises to spirituality and everything in between. Some scale Mount Everest, sail solo on oceans, be successful, and become a millionaire billionaire by sheer grit and determination. The greatest lure of extreme mental and physical challenges is that it makes you come alive with purpose. Alive, abuzz for a while then the buzz starts to fade and the nudge of another adventure another challenge to come alive again. All very impressive feats. yet the biggest challenge that humans dread and rarely want to face up to is to challenge their identification with their conditioned minds. That is the mother of all challenges and adventures and the scariest. Those who do embark on this sincerely, experience death while still alive. That’s the unconscious reason, people want to swerve the self-enquiry. Deep down in subtle mechanics of the conditioned mind lurks the fear, that upon enquiry I shall be exposed as a fake non-existent entity parading as the real deal. So mostly your own mind eggs you on a spiritual path and also constantly sways you away in myriad ways that are too subtle for you to catch and have any control over. Hence most of the seekers end up as mere parrots, impressed by their ability to repeat what they hear and then invest tons of energy to impress others with this faculty. Hollow, empty and useless. To be able to see the futility of borrowed concepts is the very start of a movement away from identification with your conditioned mind. To most, it feels as painful as death if not more. Even to challenge a storyline. a set belief, a mental habit in your head is a daunting task, let alone doing away with the whole mind-construct. To embark on a spiritual path with a living guru is simply to die unto yourself. It is a true adventure and one worth taking, the only one worth accepting. Life is short. It must become urgent too.

Sacrificing all personal knowledge that is entirely gathered from outside, the past, the future, the mental, emotional and energetic bodies are just extensions of experiences drawn from that conditioned mind.

sacrificing the life of a drop separate from the ocean. What mind can choose that option? The choice happens with grace.

With grace, a mind drowned in its own ignorance starts to let light in. Grace.

The identity of the drop is a false perception. There is only the ocean. The drop appears to be due to its affiliation to drop-identity. Then it starts to become unidentified…..

The loud song of My knowledge, my understanding, my experiences, my my my….the endless din of I, me mine…gradually changes to thy, thy, thy…thy grace, thy glory, thy mercy….thy thy thy...

This one change is the very gist of spiritual seeking

Receptivity is the only key. May hearts drown in Thy glory…

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