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Inspirational and spiritual platitudes, especially ones such as "Living to your maximum potential", living to the fullest", ''you are unique'', ''you are the centre of the universe'' etc have taken hold of the modern mind in the absence of God-essence. These delusional concepts attempt to compensate for what's simply not there.

What does it all mean?

When one reads such expressions the mind conjures up the idea of a full life, maximum potential or living fully. Imagination is not real. The idea of water and drinking water are two different things. Real life is happening every moment. Who needs true potential to live fully? Just start living. and what is your true potential? Do you think you could think your way to it? What will you do with it? Will you move mountains? Will you fly in the skies? Will you cleanse the world of poverty, injustice, greed, oppression, wars...exactly what? Your 'true potential' is entirely an other-orientated idea seated in a deep desire to impress others. so they can validate and applaud you and your achievements.

Your true potential lies beyond the prison of the conditioned mind so your Reality is no longer filtered through your conditioned mind. Your life is no longer a stagnant pool of water but ever fresh waters of a mighty river. It's not yours anymore either. So thinking and affirming such thoughts and reading spiritual junk will not take you to your true potential.

What is the big deal about beyond the conditioned mind? That is the only big deal going on...all else is pretending to be big

When life is truly lived, it is a simple, unpretentious affair. Living is enough, you are enough. 'true Potential' is forgotten about. All platitudes are forgotten about. Life becomes an intimate, private and all-engrossing matter. A life fully lived does not leave the smallest gap for pretentiousness.

Pretentiousness is a sign that life is not yet being fully lived. It's a sign that you hold simple and ordinary life beneath you. Your mind is invested in chasing great and grand ideas. pretentiousness to compensate for unlived simplicity.

All ideas are delusional. The idea of a 'fulfilled' life is delusional. When one has a solid idea of freedom, there is no freedom. The idea of freedom is bondage. When you are free, you are naturally free of the mental idea of freedom. You are oblivious to the idea of freedom. You just live it, becoming increasingly oblivious to ideas and concepts.

If you are not in a state of unknowing then It is just another idea, someone else's idea, an idea that appeals to you, but is still foreign to you. People feel compelled to speak of silence, stillness, bliss and myriad spiritual experiences and such stuff and nonsense to compensate for the inability to live in an uncomplicated manner.

People obsessively regurgitate spiritual nonsense. Do you ever wonder why? More empty, the more the obsession to sound spiritually wise.

Attainment has a natural way to throw you into a territory of the unsaid.

With real attainment, you are too absorbed, too content to shout out from the rooftops

Honey trickling down? Let it trickle...Tell who and What for?

Know thyself. That is your true potential, all else is shifting sands. You are here for you, you that is eternal and abiding.

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