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If you want to live a happy life, understand the role of emotions in life.

Emotion is not some abstract feeling happening in some abstract plane. Emotion is a very physiological thing. It is the movement(dance) of Shakti within your very cells, how else you can feel it? You keep responding to the world around you and emotions help you respond to it. The whole game of being alive is to be able to feel. All the time you are alive, you will feel and when the dance stops life itself stops and all feeling, and responding stops. The world and your relationship with it ends too. The event is called physical death. Emotions are intrinsic to being alive.

Emotion is a physical happening. There is nothing mystical about it. Emotions are so vital to your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being that every child should be trained on how to allow and move emotions safely and effectively. Our insane world is all about keeping emotions in control and maintaining a composed persona.

We have learnt to be frightened of emotion to stay safe, not hurt, and not be ridiculed. We keep on denying and stifling our emotions and putting on a brave face for others to see. It causes unsaid harm, personally and collectively

People are suffering and there is so much disease, cruelty, and unkindness, simply because we are alien to the very intimate dance of Shakti within our bodies that we experience as emotions. So much emotion is stifled, because it feels bad. The very nature of Shakti is to move, change, and dance.

You must be willing for her to dance whichever way she chooses. that brings greater flow, joy and fun because all emotion is after all primal energy. When you dance with her, she energises you, refreshes, nourishes you and ushers into your life greater health and happiness and even wealth. When you stop her flow, She sits there in your cells clogging stopping the flow of oxygen, prana, nutrition, ...over time disease happens. It starts so early in life. Children by the age of even two or three have gathered a formidable amount of emotional baggage. Then traumatic circumstances, parents divorcing, family split, immigration, financial worries...a recipe for a very poor life.

We push down tears, anger, guilt, and shame because of fear of judgement, and ridicule we inhibit it is not convenient, it's not the right place or time...endless excuses. and all these myriad energies eun the show from the basement. That is the sum total of all human suffering.

If we were to become comfortable with our own emotions, we would be able to support others in their expression and dance with energy. We will find greater harmony, by doing just that one thing.

Suppressed emotion is causing immense confusion, fogginess, disease, chaos, disempowerment, and spikey people invested in getting the best deal for themselves to eradicate their inner impoverishment. The whole society is a reflection of our emotional suppression

There will be no need to search for God, enlightenment, or spiritual awakenings if people were to become fully open to feeling emotions as they arise. There would be no baggage to carry. There will be no future to worry about. There would be no violence, anger, fear, or hatred if they weren't already hoarded in your cells. The human condition is so abysmally low simply because we are not dealing with the most essential...which is feeling the emotion in the body without any sense of shame or judgement. It's all the dance of the Shakti, the Mother. Let yourself engage with her dance fully.

She liberates you.

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