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This world, the Maya is an abject mess because of one thing only- the lack of true commitment to Self. The world is functioning in deep ignorance of the Self. Spiritual seeking is a fashionable thing to do. We love fashion.

Almost all seeking is other-oriented -therapists, healers, seekers, inspirational speakers, waker uppers, ushers of joy, facilitators....etc etc. Most so-called seekers arise from sheer desperation to escape the insufferable misery of their day-to-day lives. It also acts like a drug, so they cannot see that the spiritual circus is actually harming them rather than doing them any practical good. Most are jogging on the spot, not going anywhere, while their life force chokes on closed hearts and heads full of empty jargon and false projections. Only one in a million is truly committed to Self. Maya plays that way. She creates delusion and keeps you dancing.

. Only a Strong commitment to knowing your SELF, is the way out of Maya. The pull to self, if it happens at all, is pure Grace. Most stay close to gurus, then get dis-enchanted, stay focused for a bit then their mind starts getting to them, It is a sign of abject absence of commitment to SELF. No one likes to hear that. So blame the teacher, the path, and the practice. Onto next guru, next retreat...The beat goes on. Maya

I have been with a line of gurus teaching in their own way, often seemingly contrary to each other. There has never been spotted any greed, sexual harassment, personal agendas, "attempt to stamp on my personality", or "furthering their own cause" in any way. I read, on purpose some of the most damning books about Osho, to see if my commitment to my SELF could take it. I had to. What is the value of love that cannot take the whole package? Surprisingly, after reading that stuff, love and surrender got deeper. I became a lot more solid. Had I copped out at that point, would it be because Osho failed or I failed?

You get what your sights are on. Never take your eye off the ball, keep your gaze fixed on SELF, for if you don't your attention will go all wrong places. Then you will be convinced that you know what you know, no one can dare point out to you that they are your own projections...lost confused and perplexed just as you like it.

Move forward with a single-minded focus. Don't waver, don't compare notes, don't do it with cronies and soul mates. Be a lone star and dive into the all-quenching, liberating principle.

Your own internal climate chooses the path, the guru that you attract. It is you who ultimately choose, where you are one else.

No one else, only you.

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