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We humans are going through a funny phase

Back in the '60s, a small group, inspired by the Indian Sadhus, felt they were 'in the know' from sustainable energy to spiritual truths. Sadhus choose to live lives apart from or on the edges of society to focus on their own spiritual practices. A sadhu is reclusive, wayward, anti-establishment, and anti-society with a deep spiritual commitment underpinning their lifestyle, which is free from the shackles of social norms.

Hippies felt that they could be like Sadhus-living and spreading freedom, peace, joy creativity, sustainability...except for the deep spiritual commitment. The hippy movement was an arrogant effort to be and live freely, without any commitment to oneself to transform at the very centre. A loud statement, very colourful, very rebellious, yet hollow at the core. A Sadhu is not trying to be cool. He is cool because of his deep commitment to his own spiritual progress, It's not a statement to the world. Within that deep commitment to oneself, society becomes unimportant. Hippies did a 180 flip.

Today, the whole world has turned into a hippy. Everyone is in the know. We have access to whatever spiritual practice, path, or tradition we wish to know about. Historically, people on Bhakti Yoga (Path of devotion) would not necessarily know about Hath Yoga, Advaita or Raj Yoga. It's just too much to ingest. People stuck to their chosen path and poured everything into it. It's easy and energy efficient. Because one has only so much time and energy.

Today we have too much knowledge and zero commitment to Self. Consequently, our world is full of banal hippy talk about love, compassion, sensitivity, peace, nature, spiritual journey, energies, transformation, ascension, healing the world...etc etc. The society is way more arrogant now

In this plastic world, everyone is trying to pep others up with inspirational stuff, reminding them of their power, love, and strength...

Last night the farcical Eurovision, summed up that energy beautifully. Songs without melody, beat, rhythm, chorus or a sense of what's coming next so you could sing along, but apparently they were 'meaningful'. Songs nowadays are little lectures that remind you to 'carry on' , 'love yourself harder' find 'myself within me', 'goodbye old life' etc etc. Some boring phoney gestures that convey all this hollowness are all the rage too. Namaste gesture for thank you and 'hand hearts' for all the love. Playing to a gallery. Everyone is at it! It's wrong on so many levels, but nobody can tell those who know it all.

Like everything else, music is a reflection of the inner. It is an obligation to preach to others that we have learnt but not assimilated within us. We are a society devoid of any real inner commitment, or inner gravitas masquerading as spiritual warriors to inspire, heal and change others. What else can you do in the absence of any real inner yearning or direction?

Within yourself is a marvellous balancing system that keeps compensating for inner emptiness in myriad ways. All the spiritual jargon these days compensates for the lack of any real connection, love, caring and unity of minds in humans. One almost never has to speak of love, compassion, soul, when life is real. These words are only used to cover something ugly,

A real commitment to oneself is a rare thing. It is the sheer movement of grace. If enough of us are open to receiving grace, more become open to it too.

It is a phase. It will pass if enough of us become real and Self engaged.

That is the only purpose of your incarnating as a human. To become real, to be who you are.that happens with grace

Om Shanti

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