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A life fully lived is divine in nature. Your life is happening within the divine plan.

All your spiritual seeking is essentially a preparation for settling down enough to engage fully with your own life. Ultimately it is a preparation for life (and death)

Life is far more important than any and all spiritual teachings, experiences, insights, achievements, subtle energies, psychic connections, skills, abilities etc etc Just live. Life in her simplest expression is the most profound happening. There is nothing more profound than life herself. It has already happened to you, what more do you want? Jam? Paradoxically, all that the spiritual information that you have acquired be it spiritual terminology, abilities, gifts, sensations experiences are prone to keep your heart tight shut. Even the idea of 'spirituality' is a separation, segregation not wholesome. Gaps with in your psychology create a duality of the spiritual & mundane; the great & the lowly.

It is one continuum. One.

The fact remains we are playing our humany-wumany( phrase credit: Doctor Who) game.

We are all in it. Some feel they have awakened, some don't need to, and some are oblivious to this whole business....but life is happening exactly the same to all. All doing Bidding Of Consciousness. Every single one of us!

If the penny drops, you will just sit down and relax and be. What else is for you to meddle with? The path is laid in front of and You walk it. It is not your path, nor your steps. Either you are having fun walking it or you are having a nightmare. That is the only observation one needs to make.

If you can see that it's happening on its own....then you have a chance of relaxing. The more you relax the more your troubles drop off. The burdensome dysfunctionality that you endure starts to lighten up "It is what it is" and "It will pass"

Your trouble started when you jumped in to rectify it, improve it and start insisting on feeling happier- that is the seeker's suffering. Too much in your own way, and not enough receptivity or gratitude.

LIFE herself dictates what kind of circus you will do. Penny drops eventually for everyone. It is just when life decrees it is your turn, then it is your turn. Until then, you can do all spiritual circus and your heart still stays shut. She herself opens your heart... When you know that you cannot manage the show, you start to settle down and good things start happening to you. Obedience to divine order and divine timing is the liberating principle

You are here because you have a place in the scheme of things.

Life is keen to yield to you. Get out of your own way.

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