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Most of you are working with issues, patterns, healings, meditations, counselling or anything to do with mind to feel more at peace. Most of my clients/students have spent from a few years to a few decades doing 'inner work' in myriad ways, be it sitting quietly, reading spiritual concepts, practising yoga, following a teacher, or a philosophy or just attending spiritual retreats with yoga, breathing, meditation, mindfulness etc a bit of this and a bit of that on the itinerary. Finding peace is the new race. Race.

The suffering you desperately try to eliminate is not necessarily your own, even if you are convinced it is. Suffering is collective. It is in the consciousness. Your mind is not just your own. The thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the urges you experience are not yours. They are all floating around in such abundance that they permeate you. How are you going to find peace, until you discern that simple fact?

If you want to master your own mind, you would have to assimilate all that is in the collective mind- all the conditioning of sorrow, pain, lack, poverty, lovelessness....everything!

All your deep-seated patterns are the patterns held within the consciousness. It's not billions of consciousnesses. It is One. What is out there is in here and vice versa.

The obsession with working on yourself to feel better is unsettling beyond words. Everyone, today knows enough jargon to qualify as vaguely spiritual. too much knowing and doing is not helping you. It is hindering you.

People are unsettled even after all the books they have read. Everyone is pooling into the collective mania of cerebral knowing and it accounts for zero self-awareness.

If peace were to arise from reading books most modern people would have become peaceful. It has been far from helpful. The world is suffering from the same thing-ignorance of your true self.

All the borrowed knowledge augments your false self, hence it adds to the suffering. Hence, you may find despite better living conditions and medical advances, humanity is in stronger grip of psychological misery than ever before. There has never been a greater split between cerebral knowing and the energies that run you.

How could peace ever arise without settling down?

You need to settle down. You have to become deeply aware of the collective cacophony of past and present that has seeped into your cells. You need to become deeply aware of the unsettling self-wrapped energies of mine-thine, superiority-inferiority, judgement, fear, separation, and entitlement permeating from your cells.

Deep self-awareness is the only remedy for all the sins this world suffers from whether it is poverty, racism or war. It all ends with only one thing-awareness of your true essence.

Peace is closer than your breath. It is the breath of your breath

Hari Om

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