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Ruby Ryan

Radical Simplicity
Radical Intelligence 


A catalyst of personal breakthrough


           One candle lights another



Individual sessions are in-depth personal interactions that allow for deep releases and healing of old wounds of body-mind. You may seek these sessions for being directionless or with an aim to  break through the inertia in your life. Emotional freedom transpires when you start to understand the anatomy of your thoughts and emotions


This one brings me the most joy. I love to bring families together!

Couples often find a new level of intimacy, a greater sense of harmony and deeper synergy.

If the relationship is rocky, but there is a desire to transform it and you have a receptive heart, then it is bound to come right.

Life Mentoring

Life mentoring from the self-realized perspective is life-changing. I shine your awareness and energetically shift anything that hinders you. Life mentoring  is also an energetic initiation into effortless ease that becomes a tangible part of the way you live life


Chasing shadows to self-realization is a complete u-turn in the direction of your life energy. There is nothing closer to you than your being, yet, it takes a great pull, clarity, conviction, yearning and pining before you can even begin to look for yourself

My Approach

One who has realized God teaches the simple and direct way of attaining Him. I don't give you any tricks, techniques, know-how, do's, don'ts, mantras or rituals. I transform your consciousness and the change strikes at the very core of you. Simplification of your life is a natural outcome of this transmission.

About me

Before self realization in 2010, my life was a deep longing. Now, there is no path, no practice, no teaching, no destination, no past, no future.

The present moment is the new master.

Life is living me

The Changes

This transmission causes a shift in your consciousness. You finally start to find rest. The positive effects ripple across all areas of your life. Relationships, finances, and levels of happiness improve dramatically. You will start to settle down in the present moment. You will get progressively less active cerebrally. You will start to feel fulfilled. As the sense of lack leaves you, you feel a tangible movement forward.  Your true centre comes alive. You speak to your personal God and He responds. You will find your prayers are being answered


Body mind and emotions heal


Relationships heal


Blocks dissolve


 Life simplifies


Sense of moving forward

  • I have been feeling grateful for my life situation - job, material things, partner, home, etc.

  • the last couple of times I was with my parents I have been more relaxed and even enjoyed being with them

  • Depression has not returned, for how long, I can't say... it sneaked out the back door!

  • I don't feel I rush anymore.  In fact, I actually feel I have more time these days (once you said to us, "give yourselves the luxury of time" and this is beginning to settle with me).

  • Continuing with this, I don't feel pressured to do arty things, rather I feel grateful that I have skills and materials and time to do things when I feel like it (painting, sewing etc).

  • I trust myself more.  As in, I do not seek answers/advice/encouragement/approval from others.

  • Another thing I noticed (it sneaked out without me noticing) is that I no longer play the victim story in my head or aloud.

  • I don't worry about money.  It comes in always.

  • I feel more at home here.  And no longer feel lost in the world or "not belonging".

  • I feel in flow with you.  I don't need you to tell me how I am doing because I can feel it myself, and by that I mean I can feel the flow with me and you.

  • I am more present, more here.  And there is also less of me (less story).

Anna M

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