Are you yet done with the infinite games of mind?

When you are done with suffering and delusion of your "personal I", personal power and doer-ship, only then you become eligible to enter the kingdom of God. You  prepare to find who you happen to be, not through borrowed words, but by resting in the Self. The Atman consumes the very seed of suffering. Avidya (Ignorance, illusion of separation) that runs you, dissolves as you enter the Godliness at the very core of you. Non-Peace leaves you...

Searching for divinity, you stumble upon your humanness-perhaps for the first time.Life starts to live you, journey does you. You become empty so divine can live through you. When you are No more, God Is... Divine up!

Shaktipat is a transmission of Absolute Self that expands you, stretches you until you find the entire universe within the SELF.  until you become love itself,  filled with devotion that is beyond subject- object
Grace showers incessantly, just that mind is too clogged to receive it. Shaktipat tears a hole in ego to let grace in.

Life touched by grace is light years ahead of what working on body-mind can ever achieve. It is easier to experience than to explain.

Hell begins to shift into heaven when you open up to that is which is beyond mental understanding
  Surrender, heart-madness, love, devotion floods your heart and in that you discover the beauty, peace and grandeur of your being. When the conditioned mind is emptied out, Divine floods you...until there is only ONE left. End of duality


 Following  happen effortlessly
  Better Health - Long standing physical issues may simply vanish

 Deepest emotional wounds heal & letting go takes place on its own accord

 Anger,grief,sadness, anxiety, frustration -sticky emotions dissolve      
Relationships clear 
Money worries often clear

Total control of your Reality
Lasting Peace, causeless bliss

Your desires come true

Spiritual growth exceeds your expectations

Smooth life

Deep contentment, meaningful life

Uplifted Spirit, spiritual advancement 

End of mending, fixing, processing and working on yourself


                  Material things follow grace like a shadow 

                                   Experience it for yourself!


 "I had been severly depressed for a long time and was was secretly self harming for months. A friend took me to Ruby. I hardly said a word, would receive Shaktipat and sleep for hours. My whole body  shook and shivered, I would yawn incessantly, It felt like seeing the trauma leave me. I used to sleep like a log. Within a short period, I began to feel better, peaceful and generally happier. We never revisited any of the events that caused it nor did she ask me anything. Shaktipat often left me tingling and buzzing. I just knew everything is going to be ok. I am so thankful to my friend who took me to Ruby. Now I am living and enjoying my life more than I could ever imagine. It has been a true miracle. Thanks Ruby"- Natasha, Swansea


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 "I was tingling all day before the session over the phone. The knee pain I had for years is not better, it is gone! I feel relaxed and calm. Within weeks my work has picked up by leaps and bounds. I met  my partner not long after my second shaktipat. It keeps getting better! Thanks Ruby" John, Sheffield

 "After minutes of being with Ruby, I felt something settling down. After shaktipat, I felt I was in safe hands. Nothing keeps me down for long now. It feels like new me " Betty,  Hungary

 "Ruby, I feel so uplifted and Rieki flows more than before.  People are noticing a difference"  Ann  Somerset 

 My reflexology practice has taken off after two shaktipats, surprisingly I can deal with extra hours and workload like never before. I recommend Shaktipat to anyone. Keep it up Ruby! Jan B

 "Dear Ruby,
I cannot put into words how grateful I am that I found you. A week  after the first Shaktipat yesterday I mananged to heal a huge issue which has been in my life for far too long, all of it based on drama, stories and most importantly the unhealthy side of ego.

I am in such a good place right now and it's all thanks to Shaktipat and even my chronic eye condition I have had for a year is healing. I wish I could find words to express how grateful I am.
Much Love
Rebecca xxxx",  Manchester



"During the session, when Ruby said "close your eyes", I felt a thump of light in the middle of my chest.  I don't know how to describe it but something  opened up and filled me with light"-Menna D, Edinburgh



"Ruby seemed to know what was going on inside me, she picked up on it and whatever she spoke about made perfect sense to my situation. I came off  skype feeling light and bright. I knew good times are coming" Nina, Australia


"I didn't know there was such powerful energy out there. I was buzzing for 3 days after. I had energy surges I could feel in my sleep, Kind of knew something is clearing but what? I don't know and I don't care! I feel the best I 've ever felt.
I am so pleased I went for it". Cathy, Haverfordwest 



"I am not sure who changed but my relationship got so much better after one shaktipat"-Andy, carmarthen