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Receptivity causes Mastery of Mind

Your life is unfolding in keeping with the relationship your mind has developed towards your life.

Your mind is a construct that has been shaped by absorbing millions of inputs from outside sources. Based on the absorbed impressions, your mind forms a perceptional compound which predominantly dictates how you wade through life. Mind is sponge-like. As It starts to own and identify with the accumulated information it gets progressively protective of what it knows it and gets set in its ways and loses its plasticity.

Impressions you were/are subjected to constitute the quality of your inner climate. Because a very ignorant, dull and fearful collective feeds minds all these verbal/non verbal and energetic impressions, most inner climates reflect the same toxic, anti-life, self sabotaging impulses and yet desperately hoping-for a better future.

Lives heavy with a sense of failure and worthlessness. That is the tragedy of human mind. Average human mind feeds reality with self-hurting, fearful poisonous thoughts and then sits and meditates, do all kinds of self work...

All spiritual journey is about acquiring a deep awareness of the terrible relationship between your mind and your Reality. When a deep awareness strikes and you are willing and receptive, it rectifies and realigns this inner direction with the direction of Dharma, greater peace, joy, effortless, peace, fun.

Your mind slowly changes from being anti-life to become pro-life. All in real time. Slowly but surely.

So all suffering is an uninvited imposition of fear, right from the moment of birth. The unchallenged, rather widely accepted consciousness of terrible consequences is sucking joy out of your living cells . Unchallenged impressions are running the show, a very poor show indeeed. You would not speak to your worst enemy, the way your mind speaks to you about your life. You crave something different, but dont know how to even feed and nurture that craving. That is deep ignorance of mind.

Your inner talk is not just thought-level. Its rooted in a terrible consciousness, which tugs at you to change it, do something, make it better. But without true guidance, transmission, she budges not! Thats why affirmations work for a bit, but become tedious. Meditations bring some peace, but only so much. Inner work changes you a little, but only so much. The Iceberg of suffering is nestled deeper in the consciousness, in the collective consciousness.

So seeking solutions without receptivity, without the umbrella of a bigger force than your mind is not helping humanity. People are acquiring more knowledge, ancient spiritual wisdom from India, yet it is only adding more junk into mind, not becoming happier or settled or contented. People are becoming more unsettled, full of themselves, less receptive, better actors, or just plain woke. If the accumulated 'wisdom' not reflect in your practical life, then it is utterly and absolutely useless

A deep cleanse of consciousness can only happen from the absence of the filter of conditioned mind. Blind cannot lead blind out of darkness.

A light must be lit. Your inner light is not lit from books.

Its lit by receptivity.

A vision and passion for life deep inside your belly is a direct consequence of grace. Normal human vision usually runs as far as a good job, a good car and holidays. this deep vision ushers in a quenching without seeking.

If you dont have that vision for your life, no matter what you do, you will stay in suffering.

Being receptive create a vision that is effortless, passion, that is dispassionate, a mind that functions in equanimity and a life that works for you.

If you are here to 'learn' something, it is this- Noone can force a change. You can only prepare for it and allow it. Other than that, the show does not need your participation. If you understood this, you will have become receptive and assume your rightful place in the scheme of things, which enables you to live your life engage with it fully. Existence wants you to do that, since it gave you a chance at life.

She wants to see if you can play this game so it becomes fun for you

Thats about it

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