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Sound is God. Everything is vibration. Everything is Shakti

Your personality is a total of all sound vibrations accumulated in your inner space.

You are the total of vibrations deposited into your inner space. The personality keeps creating experiences to match those familiar vibrations.

How are you talking to yourself?

Just watch. By and by you will start mellowing how you speak to yourself.

Your inner dialogue is the only one that matters. Ne naked unafraid and go for the best of the best for yourself. Because this is your dialogue with God aim high. Do not hold back.

Let words and vibrations of peace, happiness, enjoyment, fun, carefree, and effortless ease become your average inner climate.

Speak to yourself as you would to a child in need of comfort.

Be good to yourself. If you cannot be good to yourself who would?

Go with what feels good. That is your Sadhana

May we become instruments of thy peace

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