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Online Retreats

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Online retreats with Ruby-An opportunity to receive blessings and move forward. These retreats are a giant step towards radical simplicity and an unburdened life

Online retreats are 5 weekly calls over zoom and online pointings. It is a deep clean of your inner climate.  These group meetings prepare your inner space to receive new seeds that enhance and fulfil your life. It is Interactive and fun.

I am deeply interested in each and every aspect of your life.  The energetic transmission shines the light of awareness into each nook and cranny, clearing inertia in all aspects of your life. You may even suggest a specific area that needs flow-such as health, being prosperous, being good enough, addictive mind and suchlike

(A minimum of 5 participants)

Devi within every woman

Devi is not some vague goddess manifestation. Each woman is divine mother in essence. It just needs the right guidance and transmission to reveal that core energy within each woman. The essence that is fearless, resourceful. divine and above all epitome of mother energy, that  can nurture and be fearlessly real at the same time

How to speak to yourself

The most important person in your life is yourself. How you speak to yourself determines how life unfolds for you. The terrible inner talk is not just a matter of habit, it is a deep hypnotic trance that keeps you limited, struggling and lacking. Awareness and transmission cuts that chord of suffering so you can soar high in your human potential, in line with divine plan

Surrendering the borrowed

Surrender is a misunderstood word. Your lug along your burdens, fears, limits, inner storylines,  beliefs, understandings, spiritual experiences and host of other junk. None of it is your own, none of it is you. Yet the thought of surrender is painful, as though you are asked to give up something precious. Junk is precious because you get invested in it. Surrender is a simple awareness that the useless and borrowed is not worth any space within my system. It is common sense from my perspective. Surrender happens with grace

World peace? start with family, your family

Your prayers and meditations for world peace are meaningless. The chaos in this world can only disappear, if the handful of people within a family come into deep harmony, love, nurturing and  present o each other. Rest will come right, but family, your family must come right first. Always start with you.

Radical simlicity

 Hypnotic suggestions of society start invading you right from the moment of birth. Your mind takes on all the conditioning of fear, lack and conjures up subtle cunningness agendas, mine-thine and many other complexes which don't let you live. Awareness and transmission ushers in a radical simplicity that lets you live like a lion, unafraid and direct-in the moment

Burnt-out seeker - rescue

If you are a seasoned seeker and feel stagnant on the inside. If you have read all there is to read, meditated for years, self-helped , attended retreats etc etc and feel no real movement of peace, clarity or fulfillment. This retreat is for you

'From the moment of birth, the crowd around you starts to define you. Your beliefs, perceptions, nationality, religion, right down to sexuality, your identity is carved out by the constant and subtle hypnotic suggestion of ether around you.

You are expected to adapt to a society steeped in fear, greed and mine-thine. You do manage to adapt to it, however, at the price of personal fulfilment.

This retreat shines awareness on the subtle yet powerful trance and, of course, clearing it, so you draw closer to the authentic, eternal, unborn essence of you.

Bring along a friend and save £50 each!

Waking from Hypnotic Trance  8 Oct, 2021

Save £50 each

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